Saturday, October 15, 2016

WikiLeaks' Data Dumps Harmful To LGBT People; Straight Football Player Who Did Gay Porn; Gay Couple At Trump Rally Showing Affection

WikiLeaks' Data Dumps Harmful To LGBT People

According to this article, these WikiLeaks data dumps exposing private e-mails won't hurt Hillary Clinton much but it's a completely different situation for LGBT people around the world.

When it comes to reporting on LGBT lives, redacting sensitive information is extremely important. The practice of outing, revealing someone’s sexuality before the individual is willing or able to come out publicly, has been criticized by LGBT activists as an invasion of privacy, but this is only part of the story. Outing can cause severe psychological harm, it can lead to youth being expelled from their homes, and it can even get someone killed.

You can read more here. It's something most people don't even consider, but it's a serious reality. The article goes on to mention that in some places being LGBT is a crime, and sometimes it's punishable by death.

Straight Football Player Who Did Gay Porn

A Gaelic Football player who considers himself straight did gay porn in order to pay down debts...typical gay for pay story...and now he has an autobiography out.

‘Every day, I still get online approaches, or some form of social media connectivity, from the gay community. It’s embarrassing when some man asks to meet you, but I don’t look on that as a negative.
‘Some gay men seem to look upon me as a kind of gay icon. That’s how I was tagged on some LGBT community websites and discussion boards.

There's more here. I think his general message is positive and he's doing his best...even though there are traces of homophobia in between the lines.

Gay Couple At Trump Rally Showing Affection 

This has definitely been an intense election season. I'm not sure it's the worst I've seen, but it's been up there in the top 5. Here's an article about a gay couple who went to a Trump rally, and one of the questions they were asked made me wonder. 

When asked if they felt comfortable being affectionate with one another in a roomful of racists, sexists and homophobes, one of men replied, “Ain’t nobody said nothing ’bout it.”
Then he added, “I gotta lotta gay friends that support Trump.”
“Same here,” the other nodded.

There's more here. There are a lot of fascinating comments, too.

All politics aside, I would like to know is just where, on this planet, other than in a gay bar or some kind of all gay atmosphere does any gay couple ever feel totally comfortable being affectionate in public? I mean TOTALLY comfortable. The other day I had oral surgery done and I know the nurse at the desk was supporting Hillary Clinton. This nurse told me this herself...she couldn't wait to tell me. And yet when it was time to mention husband...she referred to him as my "friend." Not my husband or boyfriend. My "friend."

We were obviously together. We pay with checks that have both our names on them. If we had been a straight couple would she have assumed we were friends? Do friends share bank accounts? I doubt it. But that's my point. There we were, at the oral surgeon, thinking of ourselves as a married couple, and suddenly we plunged right back into "friends." There aren't many places where gay couples can feel totally comfortable showing affection of any kind. Of course I just let that one go with the nurse. It's not worth the bother sometimes.

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