Thursday, October 6, 2016

Those Sneaky Facebook Author Ads; Rosie O'Donnell Meets Ivanka Trump; Orlando Pride Canceled For Hurricane Matthew; Ryan Field Books On All Romance E-books

Those Facebook Author Ads

The other day I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and came across an author I'd never heard of before. She'd posted a status update that was about three words shy of a short story and it began with all the praises in the world for Amazon.

Her book wasn't in a genre I would normally read, so I tried to click that button where you can see less from someone on Facebook. It was nothing personal. I just wasn't interested in that genre.

However, I found out it was an ad, a paid Facebook ad, disguised as a status update. She was spamming people in their newsfeed with something they would never even buy in the first place. And it wasn't a very good ad either. It was too long and far too self-indulgent. 

In any event, I clicked a few things that I hope will hide her and her ads from my newsfeed forever. And that's because I don't want authors...or anyone...spamming me on social media in a sneaky way. At least put the ad in the sidebar so I know it's an ad. These ads will appear as if they are any other normal status update and you don't know it unless you check it out. I get that way too often in my e-mails, my DMs on Twitter, and in PMs on Facebook. I think we all get too much spam. I don't mind ads on the sidebar, or ads people buy in online publications. But in my newsfeed on Facebook, I'm just not interested.

So my point is that if I reacted that way, how many other people did, too? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it is a good way to advertise. But it's not a chance I'm willing to take. There are a lot of free ways to promote yourself on social media without coming off as annoying or pushy. And if you want to buy a real ad, there are plenty of places to go online that will help you out. All Romance E-books is one of the best and the rates are fair.

Spamming anyone, anywhere, isn't a good thing.

Rosie O'Donnell Meets Ivanka Trump

This isn't going to change the world or the outcome of the election this November, but it's interesting. I think we all know about the feud between Rosie and Trump.

The daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ran into Rosie O’Donnell at the Manhattan restaurant Nobu on Tuesday (5 October) and managed not to call her father’s longtime nemesis not a single nasty name.

O’Donnell tweeted about the encounter afterward: ‘In a city of 8 million – we meet face 2 face – i thank u 4 listening – mother 2 mother – on this new years week – my best 2 u.’

You can check that out here. They go into more detail about the Rosie/Trump feud.

Orlando Pride Canceled For Hurricane Matthew

After living through the horrors of Hurricane Sandy here on the East Coast, I can certainly understand why they decided to cancel almost everything in Florida this weekend. I posted about Sandy here on the blog while we went through it.

The hurricane, which has killed nine people and displaced thousands in Haiti, is making its way to Florida.

The category four storm is expected to hit early Friday morning.

Orlando Pride’s organizers had said they are postponing this weekend’s festivities to November.
‘The safety of participants and attendees is our highest priority,’ they said.

‘The Central Florida area is currently facing the possibility of widespread power outages, obstructed roadways, and high demand for Police and Fire services in the period following the storm.

Let's pray for everyone dealing with this storm in Florida, and up and down a good deal of the East Coast.

There's more here. 

Ryan Field Books On All Romance E-books

Speaking of All Romance E-books and shameless promotion, here's a link to all of my books on All Romance. It's a very good web site, and if you've never used them before you might want to think about it.

I'm hoping this link works, but if it doesn't and it leads you to a general page, this one will lead you to the page for "Uncertainty." Then you can click my name and that will lead you to the page with my entire list.

And a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped get "Uncertainty" a star. I didn't even realize it until this moment while looking for links.

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