Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Colton Haynes's Home Burglarized; The Gay Editor Who Outed Shep Smith; James Franco Head-Butts A Photographer; Luke Perry Turns 50

Colton Haynes's Home Burglarized

Colton Haynes's home was recently burglarized, and of course TMZ couldn't wait to spread the news.

“My home was broken into a few days ago & a lot was stolen. I am ok,” he writes. “I don’t understand why it’s necessary that my personal info is on TMZ.”

I'm with Colton on this one. Give him a break.

You can read the rest here. 

The Gay Editor Who Outed Shep Smith

I have a firm rule about outing anyone.

You don't do it. Plain and simple. I don't think there are any exceptions to the rule in this case either.

It's a douchey thing to do in the first place, and in the second, it's none of your shouty business.

With that said, the shouty editor who works at a gay newspaper explains why he thought it was his job in life to out Shep Smith...

“How can we expect the construction worker making $20,000 a year to come out when the rich and pampered are still hiding in the closet? How will gays living in Peoria find the fortitude to live honest lives, when the gay denizens of New York and Hollywood won’t?”

Again, it's none of his business. And coming out, whether you are a construction worker or the highest paid star in Hollywood, is a personal decision and no one should ever force anyone into doing it unless they are ready.

You can check this out here

James Franco Head-Butts A Photographer

I may be liking James Franco a lot more after reading this.

 According to unusually poetic court documents, Franco was “smiling, rather demonically,” and wore a “blank expression of joy on his face” as he knocked the astonished photog to the floor.

And now, of course, the photographer is suing Franco.

Here's the rest

Luke Perry Turns 50

As a joke, Luke Perry recently celebrated his 50th birthday, and they did a parody for the AARP Magazine with him on the cover.

 If you happen to be Luke Perry — the ’90s star who played moody Dylan “I just need time to think” McKay on “Beverly Hills, 90210” — you were unceremoniously slapped on the cover of AARP The Magazine, causing the Internet to philosophize about the fleetingness of life as we know it.

You can check that out here. He still looks great.

 HUGE thanks to everyone who helped get "Uncertainty" a star.

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