Friday, May 20, 2016

His Penis Is Too Big; Tips For Guys With Big Penises; Lawsuit Could End San Francisco Gay Pride

His Penis Is Too Big

Here's one of those advice column letters written by a young woman who claims her boyfriend's penis is too big. But it's kind of sad, because she's only 18 years old and she depends on this boyfriend to support her because her own father thinks he's finished. I hate parents who do that. If I had a kid it wouldn't all stop because the kid turned 18. I don't think you can put a time limit on being a parent, especially nowadays.

The boyfriend treats her well, but he's also 39 years old.

He has a very big penis and he is very rough at times. When he took my virginity, I was not able to walk properly for about three days. I had to stay in bed. My mother knew what was going on. I had to tell her the truth, but my father did not know. When my father asked why I was not up and around, my mother told him that I was in pain because I was seeing what girls always see every month.

You can check out the rest here, with the advice reply. 

And there are comments.

I hope when the father gets older she puts him in a nursing home. Karma can be interesting that way.

Tips For Guys With Big Penises

Most people wouldn't think there's a need to know these things. But sometimes you have to learn how to accommodate a large penis. I knew a gay couple who had to focus on this for a while.

Bigger is definitely better, but if you have a painful experience in bed, blame the position and not your man! Yes, trying the right sex positions that give you a perfect angle for penetration is the key for an enjoyable time. So tonight, ditch the conventional missionary and woman-on-top positions and try these amazing sex positions for men with big penis.

You can check this out here. It's NSFW, though. It is a health site, but the content is adult related.

The "Criss Cross" position sounds interesting.

Lawsuit Could End San Francisco Pride

Here's a story about a lawsuit that could put an end to San Francisco Gay Pride as we know it.

There’s a cold, hard truth to San Francisco Pride that at some point during the weekend’s festivities, a senseless act of violence can cast a shadow over the revelry. Now two victims who were injured during a 2013 shooting at the festival have joined a suit to put an end to the upcoming June 2016 gathering.

There's a lot more here, with mention of why Pink Saturday has been canceled for 2016.

Might this be yet another part of gay culture destined to vanish into the heteronormative like so many others? And as we continue to assimilate into the mainstream, are we going to stand by and watch it happen?  Gaining civil rights shouldn't mean we have to completely disregard our own culture, and yet that's always how it seems to happen. Think Modern Family...or the insulting watered-down gay books they seem to love on the DearAuthor book review site that have nothing at all to do with gay culture as most real life gay men know it.



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