Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lost Romance: When A Man Loves A Man; Male Full Frontal Nudity In Cloudburst the Movie; Bryce Williams and Sexual Orientation

The Lost Romance Novel: When A Man Loves A Man

In 2014 something interesting happened. I submitted a romance novel to my publisher titled, When A Man Loves A Man, that was part of the Glendora Hill series and I moved on to my next project and deadline.

However, this week I was going over books for a new author web site we're building and I couldn't find When A Man Loves A Man anywhere. Not on any web sites, from Amazon to the publisher's web site. I even posted about it here, with an excerpt, and then forgot about it.

So I went through my e-mails and contacted my publisher, and sure enough after enough searching we found it. Evidently, while the book was waiting for a cover it somehow got lost and slipped through those proverbial cracks. I can't blame the publisher because I'm as much at fault. I should have remembered and I should have been on top of it. That is part of my job as an author and I'm usually very good about it.

In any event, I'm thankful we found out what happened to the lost book and When A Man Loves A Man will be released this week. If you notice, that title wasn't by accident. There's a singing cowboy in this one because I rarely ever see a man sing a love song about another man. I wanted to make that change in this book, because this character is not only an openly gay singing cowboy who sings love songs about gay men, he's also a country western singer who has a decent following. Of course there's the love story, which is the main focus.

I'll post excerpts tomorrow here on the blog.  I think this is a good example of how authors without agents need to keep really good records and files. And never delete an e-mail. You never know when something like this might happen to you.  If you save everything, and back it up with e-mail a few times, you can always go back and figure it out.

I also found my keys this week.

Male Full Frontal Nudity In Cloudburst the Movie

The other night we finished a two week Orange Is the New Black binge on NetFlix and that's a really tough act to follow. While looking for something decent to watch after that, we found a movie titled, Cloudburst, starring Olympia Dukakis and Ryan Doucette. The general story line revolves about an elderly lesbian couple who've been together for over 30 years and one woman's granddaughter wants to put her into a nursing home. Because gay marriage wasn't legal at the time, these two women have no rights whatsoever and the granddaughter can do whatever she wants. And, she does.

Without giving any spoilers, the woman in the nursing home sneaks out with the help of her longtime wife and they set out on a road trip to Canada to get legally married. And on the way there they pick up a hitchhiker who is probably one of the best looking men I've seen in a film in a long time. This part is played by Ryan Doucette, and there are more than a few revealing photos of him in the film. However, there are a few full frontal male nude scenes with another actor who plays a small part that lasted longer than any full frontal in any film I've ever seen before. Good ones, too. You'll rewind a few scenes, trust me.  

In any event, here's a link to the wiki page, and, with or without the full frontal nudity this film is so excellent it can stand on its own anywhere, at any time. You will not be disappointed.

Here's a link to Ryan Doucette's web site, which is simple to navigate and you can read more about Coudburst and his other projects. There are a few great youtube videos up where he does stand up comedy and takes off all his clothes. I don't know if he's gay or straight, and I don't really care, but I found him interesting because he's the kind of character I'm always trying to write about in books.

Bryce Williams and Sexual Orientation 

I was out of the office all day yesterday and I heard about what happened in Virginia on the radio while listening to traffic reports. Throughout the day, I would check my phone to read updates and the story just kept getting worse. I can't even imagine how horrifying this must have been for everyone involved.

And now there are reports surfacing about Williams' sexual orientation, which shouldn't matter at all, but it is part of the story, too:

ABC published portions of the document, which reveal Williams’ claim that one of his motivations for the shootings was the mistreatment he felt he received for being a gay black man.

You can read more here. Regardless of his race or his sexual orientation, there was something seriously wrong with him. His sexuality shouldn't matter; his race shouldn't matter. He took their lives and ruined countless other lives in the process. There are no good excuses for what he did to those innocent people.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 6

The Scottish Duke



Erin OQuinn said...

First, on the demented man who shot those unfortunate people: why is it that reporters always home in on the race, the sexual preference, and the religion of miscreants? Maybe because we, the great unwashed, seem to bask in what we consifer "the dirt"? Shame on us.

As for the gay singing cowboy: most folks don't know, because the book was pulled shortly after pubicatioon, but I, too, wrote a novel about a gay cowboy-westerner who sang to his lover. All the songs are ones I created, and I consider your take on this subject to be enough to buy the book, gladly.

Allways good blog. ~Erin O'Quinn aka Bonita Franks

ryan field said...

Thanks for commenting. I agree...the sexuality angle is always used as a form of clickbait.

The oddest thing about that book is that I felt so close to it while I was writing it, and then it completely left my mind until last week. I NEVER do that. I'm usually late for things, I lose things all the time, but never an entire book :)

Barb said...

Just my opinion, but I think people focus on the religion, race, sexual orientation,etc of these people who do horrendous crimes as a way of pinpointing (to themselves at least) why the act was comitted. "THAT's why they shot those people" cause they were Muslim, gay, white, black, or any other reason. It sets them apart and gives some kind of justification or rationalization as to why "they" did it. They were Muslim, so they were crazy and violent, or they were gay so they hated everyone, or they were black (or white, pink, or purple) and had a chip on their shoulder. They were "different", and therefore flawed in some way.' I could NEVER be like that; I could NEVER commit a crime like that.' With the 'wrong' motivations combined with the 'wrong' mental or emotional problems, almost anyone could potentially commit a crime like this. People want the (probably false) security of feeling like it couldn't happen to them.

Erin OQuinn said...

Hmmmm. Maybe there's something about gay singing cowboys that leads to lost manuscripts and ultimately happy endings. Maybe I'll revise my old MS as a different book and send you a copy. The subject is full of possibilities.

Instead of losing mine temporarily, it's lost forever, because the co-author is also the publisher, and we are no longer co- anything.

Best of success on your many many, in fact, that you need a GPS tracker to keep 'em in line. Amazon certainly does not. ;)

jimm said...

With regards of the shooter, its reported that he once filed a discrimination lawsuit based on his homosexuality. After learning sexual orientation was not protected in that state (Florida, i think it was) he re-filed the lawsuit based on his race. So basically, a money grab???