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Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison Account; Author Profile Erin O'Quinn; FREE Gay Excerpt: The Scottish Duke...Non-Gays Writing Gay Fiction in Fiction

Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison Account

Josh Duggar, of the infamous anti-gay Christian family who have more kids than Mother Hubbard and had a TV show on TLC, allegedly had  what's called an "Ashley Madison" account. I'm stating it that way because up until now, I...this gay sinner who has been married to the same person for 23 years...didn't even know there was such a thing as "Ashley Madison." I think the most important question is why would I want to know?

Evidently, Josh Duggar, also a married man, the good Christian, allegedly felt the need to have an account at Ashley Madison. If you recall, this is the good Christian who also admitted to child sex abuse a few months back.

It all started last month when Ashley Madison’s database was hacked. On Tuesday, the hackers released the names, email addresses and phone numbers for many of the site’s members, including 27-year-old “family man” Josh Duggar.

A credit card belonging to a “Joshua J. Duggar” paid a grand total of $986.76 for not one but two different monthly subscriptions to Ashley Madison, this included a $250 “affair guarantee” fee, which the website promises “increase[s] your chances of having an affair from possibly to definitely or your money back.”

You can read the rest with this link. It only devolves from here.

Author Profile Erin O'Quinn

A few months ago I met an author on Twitter I found fascinating. I first noticed how nicely she promotes games, simple, and not in your face. She gets right to the point and I found that refreshing for a change. She never posts anything that would insult gay men like some do without even realizing it. I immediately thought she was a class act and wanted to know more about her. And I'm glad I did, because I also think she's one of the women writing gay fiction who is doing excellent work.  Here's some information about Erin O'Quinn so you can see just how brilliant she really is.

Erin O'Quinn is my pen name for romance novels set in the time of St. Patrickin the turbulent time of ca. 432-433 AD when Patrick had just been sent to Ireland by the Pontiff in Rome to convert the pagans of a land even the Romans had shunned.

Few romance authors have ventured to this dark ages era of Ireland. The clan names and interrelations are complex. The Brehon law that ruled the land for centuries is likewise convoluted and multifaceted, based more on cattle (it seems) than men. I was drawn to this time and place by the very knowledge that few people had written about the setting, and about the rough clansmen, cattle barons, druids and others who had held the Romans at bay for centuries.

My abiding interest in languages, especially my fascination with the sensuous-sounding Gaelic tongue, is reflected in my novels, as well as a love for mythology, folklore, flora/fauna and the arts martial.

You can check out her books here.

And here's her Facebook account where she openly uses the name Bonita Franks. Check out her pic and her books. She's always updating her timeline and she has an author page on Amazon as well. She's different, and that's really hard to explain. You have to see some things for yourself. 

Update: Here's another link to her Erin O'Quinn account on Facebook. 

Free Gay Excerpt: The Scottish Duke...Non-Gays Writing Gay Fiction in Fiction

Here's another excerpt from the most recent release in the Rainbow Detective Agency, The Scottish Duke. There might be a few small spoilers in this one, so you've been warned. But I don't think it's anything that would ruin the ending.

"That doesn't make sense," Proctor said. "He never mentioned me in any of his books. He kept all that as ambiguous as his own private identity. No one would ever actually connect me to his books unless they knew about it ahead of time."

"This is really getting you crazy, isn't it?"

Proctor nodded. "I just can't help thinking about how that poor man must have felt. It's hard enough to be a transgender person, let alone be a gay transgender man who writes gay books. He must have lived in constant fear that someone would find out about him."

"Now there's a valid point," Blair said.

"What do you mean?" There was so much about all this Proctor didn't understand.

"I've seen what happens when a successful author who writes gay fiction but isn't gay is outed," Blair said. "I'm not talking about being gay and being outed in that sense. I'm talking about when the author is outed for not being gay. It's not pretty. Fans, book reviewers, and even readers who don't know the author go after them. It's painful to watch."

"Well that's ridiculous," Proctor said. "I’ve never heard of anything so silly and close-minded. First, E. Q. may not have been born a gay man, but he identified as one and he transitioned, which to me makes him a gay man. Second, I always thought writers who write fiction could write on any topic they want. Annie Proulx wrote Brokeback Mountain and no one crucified her. She gained nothing but praise and acclaim for her fiction in literary circles. A writer’s gender shouldn’t even be a factor in writing fiction of any kind."

Blair shrugged and held him closer. "I agree with you. I don't totally understand it either. I wish I did. All I know is there are many writers writing gay romance who aren't gay men and they live in fear they'll be discovered. I've even seen cases where they've been stalked and blackmailed by other ambitious authors."

"I just don't get that," Proctor said.

"Unfortunately, when these things happen it's usually because another author calls attention to it. There's a lot of competition out there now in the smaller book genres like gay romance and those who are highly successful like E. Q. Montana become targets by those who are not as successful. They gain personal pleasure in bringing them down, and it provides drama and entertainment for small communities of people on the Internet. I've even seen people comment in a joking way that they can't wait to get popcorn to watch the shitstorms develop. E. Q. must have wanted to avoid letting the world know he was a woman at one time."

Proctor pulled away from Blair and walked back to the desk. "I don't know what to make of it all. I've never felt this way before. The man adored me enough to write tons of books with characters based on me and I had no idea it was even happening."

"You're a very well-known man," Blair said. "I think I can understand the way E. Q. felt better than anyone on this earth. Why don't you let me take you away this coming weekend? We'll do something to get your mind off all this. We don't have to go far. We can go to that dude ranch out in Chatsworth you love so much."

Proctor walked over to where Blair was standing near the window and he kissed him on the cheek. "I need time to think," he said, and then he walked back to the desk and picked up his satchel.
"Where are you going?" Blair asked.

"I'm not sure," Proctor said. "I might just go for a long drive. I need to think. I need to process everything that's happened."

"I'll come with you," Blair said. "I insist."

"Thank you," Proctor said, as he headed to the door. "But I'd rather be alone right now. I can't explain how I feel. I just know that I need to deal with this alone for a while. You should be here in case any new clients wander in. We need money."

Then he left the office without waiting for Blair to reply. He didn't stop and say anything to Alvin on his way out either. He continued to elevator, down to the main lobby, and out to the parking garage where he'd left his car.

When he pulled out of the garage he turned right and drove to a shopping center on the edge of Beverly Hills where he knew they had a store that sold all kinds of technical things. It was one of those small, privately owned places where the owner helped each customer figure what he or she needed to do with technology. He'd found the store a while back when he'd needed help learning to use his smart phone. Of course Blair helped him out with technology now and he hadn't been back to the store in a while. It's just that this time he needed to find out a few things on his own without Blair taking control of the situation. This was too personal to share with anyone, and he knew if he didn't learn more about E. Q. Montana's books it would not stop haunting him.



Erin OQuinn said...

Thanks for saluting me, Ryan. I feel privileged to be on this page.

Just to clear up a recent snafu: FB decided I was "hiding" behind the name "Erin O'Quinn," in spite of the fact that it's common for authors to adopt one or more pen names. This recent "outing" campaign by FB is insidious and unfair, and umpteen thousands of drag queens have suffered on account of it, not to mention fellow/sister authors and many others.

So...I write mainstream stuff and gay romance also, both under the name Erin O'Quinn. But on FB, I try to keep the two subgenres separate with two different "fan pages." And I identify by my legal name Bonita Franks, the only name FB will accept. No problem, right?

I am abashed to receive the praise of one whom I consider a superb author. So hat's off, Ryan Field, and I wish you many sales and much happiness.

~Erin O'Quinn aka Bonita Franks

Erin OQuinn said...

Well, bah humbug. I tried to leave a comment, which was wiped clean by dear old Blogger.

To repeat the essence of what I have to say: I am humbled to be praised by a superb author. So thank you, Ryan Field, for the spotlight. I hope for your continued success and for all the joy you seek, both in your writing and in your life.

~Erin O'Quinn aka Bonita Franks