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Steve Grand's Hot Swimsuit; Newspaper Censors Wedding Announcements; Tom Daley Gets Naked

Steve Grand's Hot Swimsuit

This is a link to one of those photo articles that covers many things...however, there's a swimsuit photo of Steve Grand you truly don't want to miss.

Trust me on this.

Here's the link.

You can also follow Steve Grand on Twitter, here. He's not one of those diva's on twitter that never interact with fans. He also follows over three thousand people, not just a handful.

He's a nice guy. Plain and simple.

Treat him with respect.

Newspaper Censors Wedding Announcements

Not too long ago I posted about how some gay men are worried that their small local newspapers will announce their weddings, which will only make it more difficult for them. Here's a twist to that story. There's a newspaper in Mississippi that is not publishing gay weddings and they are allegedly censoring pro-gay journalists.

“Journal, Inc. has made a policy decision to not accept wedding/engagement notices from samesex [sic] couples,” Wolfe wrote. “Please communicate to anyone else on your staff who would be taking this information from walkin [sic] customers.”

Wolfe then went on to say that employees were not allowed to share their feelings about marriage equality in their columns or on social media.

“A decision has been made that the Journal’s editorial board will not take a position on the recent Supreme Court decision,” she wrote. “Because the company is not taking an editorial position on this, we need to follow suit, and not take positions editorially or in personal columns.”

She continued: “We need to remember that we and our employees all are representatives of Journal, Inc. 24/7. Our job is to report the news objectively and we can’t do this if we’re also on social media sharing our opinions. We have a right to our opinions, but because we are so tightly connected to our newspaper products, we don’t need to vocalize this on social media … whether we realize it or not, people see that as the paper’s opinion.”

But apparently the new censorship rule didn’t apply to the newspapers owner, Clay Foster. Because two days later, he published a column about why gay marriage is “contrary to God’s Word.”

Of course that's not the way I was taught objective journalism works when I was in college. But I don't think it's worth getting too upset about because newspapers are a dying medium anyway. They'll all be looking for work within the next ten years.  And, I would imagine NOT having wedding announcements published in the newspaper for some gay men still might work out to their advantage if their goal is to remain discreet in order to avoid discrimination. Yeah, there's still a lot of that out there these days.

You can read the rest here.  

Tom Daley Gets Naked

This is more clickbait and you won't see any real nudity. But it's fun and I guess Tom Daley figures he better take advantage of a good thing while he's still young enough to do it.

“I’ve always loved sharks. They’ve always really fascinated me,” Daley stated about the oceanic predator. “So today, I’m going to try and combat some of the misconceptions about sharks because they’re awesome animals.”

Tom teamed up with Sea World Parks and Entertainment for the project, which is being done in conjunction with UK Shark Week (August 2-8). The entire transformation was done by two artists and took four hours to complete.

Yes. Sharks are awesome.

Here you go. It's meant with the best of intentions, I'm sure. But not everyone in the comments was pleased about the misleading headline. Don't totally blame Queerty, though. You're getting free content while many are starting to charge readers.

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