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What Karl Lagerfeld Hates; Pornster Rylan Knox Found Dead; More Bill Cosby Accusations

What Karl Lagerfeld Hates

I actually like Lagerfeld designs...especially the men's cologne. And frankly, I think when you've reached the age of 81 years old (or however old he is) you have the right to hate whatever you want, to diss whomever you want, and say whatever you want without thinking twice, whether or not you are Karl Lagerfeld or the guy who owns a small grocery store on the corner.

These presumptuous little PC pricks wrote this article, with this list of things Lagerfeld hates, don't seem to agree.  

Now, the folks over at Four Pins have compiled a comprehensive list of all the things Mr. Lagerfeld hates. And to the surprise of no one, it turns out he hates pretty much everything. Or maybe it’s just that he has really, really, really high standards.

And here are several of the things Lagerfeld hates.

 “That’s the last thing I want. I hate all children.” 

  "I hate New Year’s Eve! I think it’s terrible." 

 “I hate sloppy footwear. What I hate most is flip-flops. I am physically allergic to flip-flops.” 

 "I hate selfies...don't use your film for an ugly purpose." 

And there are more here. 

I'm growing fonder Karl Lagerfeld. 

Rylan Knox Found Dead

This is another one of those times I have to question all of those uplifting articles I see all the time about how carefree and fun working in porn actually is. Time and again, we read these trumped up stories about how great porn stars have it, and then we read something like this.

Rylan Knox, a popular adult film performer, has been found dead of an apparent suicide. Knox died after hanging himself in his boyfriend’s apartment on April 29. His body was found later the same day.

You can check the rest out here. 

Very sad, indeed. 


More Bill Cosby Accusations

This really doesn't fall into any of the categories of what I normally would post, however, I find it's growing more important to support women and women's issues. Rape and rape culture is a big issue for women, and these allegations about Bill Cosby don't seem to be disappearing in spite of the fact that he denies all of them. I don't think there's ever been anything quite like it this, which alone makes it newsworthy.

Now there are two more women speaking up, one of whom worked with Cosby on his 80's hit TV show.

In a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred in New York, Lili Bernard and Sammie Mays shared their allegations against Cosby. Lili, who appeared in an episode of the final season of "The Cosby Show," claimed that she was drugged, raped and threatened by Cosby while he was mentoring her in preparation for her appearance as "the zany and very pregnant Mrs. Minifield."

According to Bernard, Cosby was initially comforting and welcoming to her, complimenting her on her various skills.

"After he had won m complete trust and adoration he drugged me and raped me," Bernard said in a statement Friday.

There's more here. 


Amazon review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Fun Story! April 30, 2015

Verified Purchase

The Rainbow Detective Agency is owned by two gay men - Proctor Gamble and Blair Huntingdon. Proctor is 36 years old and was once a male swimsuit model. The case they are working on now involves a C List celebrity/model named Isaac Luke. He's a closet gay and also has a very rare physical affliction. He has worked in the past for a designer named Lion Hewitt and has also been personally involved with him.

Isaac is kidnapped and Lion Hewitt hires The Rainbow Detective Agency to find Isaac and to keep the physical affliction from becoming public knowledge. It all turns out to be fun and games until poor Isaac finds his luck has ran completely dry!

The playful banter between Proctor and Blair was a lot of fun and they remind me of Oscar and Felix on the Odd Couple. They are passionate men so you can expect to read quite a bit of steamy scenes with these two. Both, Proctor and Blair were very excited to get acquainted with Isaac and see his special package ( so to speak).

A very fun story! It reads like a smooth dream and the characters have a lot of energy, heart, and charm.

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