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Spanking on Easter; Vintage Easter Photos: 10 Weird Easter Traditions

Vintage Easter Photos

It's often hard to post on religious holidays nowadays because I know so many who don't celebrate for various reasons. So I try to keep it neutral. Not because I'm trying too hard to be PC, just because I try to keep a balance of sorts.

This link leads to a groups of vintage Easter photos I think everyone can enjoy.

10 Weird Easter Traditions

Some of these are so interesting you might wind up reading them twice. I never knew this was a German tradition.

Christmas tree hanging around in the corner of your living room? Make like a German, who burn their old Christmas trees on the eve of Easter Sunday. This tradition dates back to pagan times when it was believed that any home or field touched by the light of the fire would be lucky and healthy in the coming year.

I knew a couple in the US who still hadn't taken down the Christmas tree by April. They wound up in divorce court by August.

There are more here, including some from the US. 

More Strange and Interesting

This next one I'm linking to about unusual Easter traditions is from a web site I've never seen before, All Women Stalk. What that means I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to find out. But it is interesting at a glance.

For many of us Easter is a time of cute bunnies and chicks and a ton of chocolate and candy and for others it’s a festival of incredibly important religious significance that actually starts 40 days before Good Friday on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. It’s not surprising that many people give up chocolate for Lent knowing they are going to gorge themselves sick over the Easter weekend. Abstinence followed by abundance is a well known secular practice but here are 7 strange Easter traditions from around the world.

You cane read them here. 

This one is very entertaining.

Do you want to know how to maintain your health and beauty throughout the next year? Well if you live in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and some parts of Hungary it’s easy. On Easter Monday you just wait your turn for the men to throw water at you and spank you with a handmade whip of willow decorated with ribbons. “Pomlazka” is also meant to get rid of the ugly and bad things of winter. Many countries with an Orthodox population celebrate this in some form or another but in most cases it is just the water throwing. It is known in variable connotations of Dyngus Day.

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