Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Royal Marines Go Commando; Kissing Straight Guys; Lady Bunny Political Correctness

Royal Marines Go Commando

I think the beefcake calendar trend is starting early this year. Last year I didn't see anything until the end of summer. And this time it's the Royal Marines taking it off for charity.

The black-and-white photo shoot by prize-winning photographer Emily Nolan presents the uniformly ripped soldiers in various states of undress for a charity calendar celebrating 350 years of the Royal Marines.

There's more here, with photos and purchase links. But I think this one is tame, at least from the photos at the link. From what I gather they are far from going commando.

Kissing Straight Guys

This article talks about whether or not straight guys are getting more comfortable about kissing guys on the lips.

But not every straight guy gets outraged when another man kisses them on the lips, and that's where our entertaining list could be seen as a sign of how comfortable hetero men are becoming about being around gay guys. Some of the GIFs on our list show straight guys whose only reaction to a surprise lip-lock was a shoulder shrug, and in one case, to kiss back! If GIFs had been around ten years ago, I seriously doubt we'd see that kind of nonchalance.

You can read more here.

I wonder if there's a study out about how gay guys feel about kissing straight guys on the lips. Contrary to popular belief many gay guys would prefer to kiss other gay guys on the lips, not straight guys. Just thought I'd point that out :)

Lady Bunny Political Correctness

Lady Bunny is a well known drag performer who was recently interviewed. And I think there's an interesting section about political correctness, which is something we're all dealing with these days.

I was also very dismayed when the gay community pounced on Alec Baldwin for his transgression – can I even say “trans” anything anymore? You know, calling a paparazzi photographer a "faggot" the day after he won a two year stalker case and the paparazzi almost hit his baby in the head with the lens. I mean, Alec Baldwin is a progressive liberal! That’s the only group that supports gay rights across the board. He got mad. He said something people don’t like. Here’s my other thing: you’re going to get offended in life! If you decide to come out of the closet, there’s a lot of people that hate gays! If you decide to transition into a woman, there’s a lot of people who hate trans people. That comes with the territory! You’re going to get offended. GLAAD has included on its list of taboo words the term “gender bender.” David Bowie was a gender bender! There’s no derogatory term in there! I don’t think anyone’s ever bashed a drag queen or a trans person and said “You fucking gender bender!” You know? The thing with RuPaul and the "she-mail" controversy really riled me up because first of all, there are people who would bash your head in a dark ally if you’re gay, drag or trans. Are you going to focus on some silly game on a reality show? There are well-funded organizations who seek to deny gay and trans people equal opportunities and housing. Are those your real enemies? Or is it someone doing a "shemale versus female" thing? I just really feel like it’s kind of crazy to attack RuPaul and it just seems like word police. I looked at some graphic the other day called the "Transgender Umbrella" and it included everything -- drag queen, transvestite, transgender pre-op, post-op, two spirit, berdache, questioning -- and I fall under that umbrella. So if I want to use the word "tranny," which I’ve always seen as an affectionate abbreviation for someone who is a transvestite or transsexual, that is my right.

You can read the entire interview here. Once again, only civil comments will be published. I know how strongly some of you feel and I encourage you to respond to this (and everything), but in a civil manner.

I'm on the fence about some of Lady Bunny's comments. I think words matter and I don't think it's ever too politically correct to care about offending someone.

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