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Our Wedding Video, The State of Marriage; Rob Lowe Gay Kiss

Our Wedding Video, The State of Marriage

I heard from Jeff Kaufman yesterday about his documentary on Vermont titled, The State of Marriage. For those who don't know, I posted about how Tony and I were lucky enough to be part of this, and to be married by Vermont Supreme Court Justice, Beth Robinson, last January when we were married in Montgomery Center, Vermont. Jeff just sent me this latest information about an interesting Indiegogo project he's doing to raise money to finish the film. Indiegogo is basically the same type of thing as kickstarter. People who support gay marriage and are interested in how a good deal of this all started in Vermont with civil unions can leave as little as $5.00 in support. I'll post all info below for anyone interested in checking it out. There's also a clip at the Indiegogo page to which I'm linking where you can see Tony and me at the end, during our ceremony exchanging rings. It's not just a documentary about equal rights, it's also about love.

From my inbox:

Today is the 5-year anniversary of the Vermont House and Senate overriding the governor's marriage equality veto, making Vermont the first state to enact full marriage equality not through court dictate, but through the vote of the legislature - - the will of the people. It was an extraordinary accomplishment, built on decades of tireless work, that we preserve and pass on in THE STATE OF MARRIAGE.

This morning we are launching an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to cover the cost of post production for THE STATE OF MARRIAGE. We've completed filming, I'm now doing the script, we will start editing on May 1, and we will complete the film this summer. Please take a look at the Indiegogo site for THE STATE OF MARRIAGE. There is a new trailer (with a personal introduction), dozens of screen shots from the film, some excellent "thank you" premiums, and many ways to contribute (all tax deductible). I hope you can help, and that you will share this important effort through email, text, twitter, and any other means of communication you can think of. Post production involves editing, transcribing interviews, purchasing archival footage, composing and recording music, color correction, sound design, and other (costly) steps. All levels of support will make a difference, and will be greatly appreciated. 


THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of this amazing effort . . . and for any help you can offer.

Best - Jeff
When you check out the link above and you look at the sidebar where they've listed what people who donate will receive, you'll see that I've offered to write an m/m romance novel for someone who donates $5,000.00. The story will feature the people who donated as the main characters, and I'll be telling their personal story about how they met, the challenges they've faced, or whatever they'd like to see me write. To be clear, all this money goes toward getting this film out there. I receive no monetary compensation and I'm donating my time as a writer to the cause. This is what it says:

Novel About YOU! + BONUS

Ryan Field (www.ryan-field.blogspot.com), author of over 150 gay romance novels, will write a printable eBook based directly on your own story, with the name of you and your loved one as the lead characters. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be immortalized in print – and to share the meaning of your relationship with others. Plus: a DVD or digital download of THE STATE OF MARRIAGE.
One of the interesting things about this video is that you can see how long it's taken, and how some of the people who began the fight for equal rights have aged so gracefully during the process. This really is about so many things, from love to history in the making. And all of us, everyone reading this post right now, have been part of it. All the people who've been reading and writing m/m romance have been part of it. I've seen your updates, tweets, and read all your posts and I know how hard you've all worked in your own way to help support equal rights. It hasn't just been a solitary effort, this time it really did take that whole proverbial village to pull it off. And in some cases donating only $5.00 to the cause in support of a video like The State of Marriage helps just as much as if you went out and held a picket sign in protest.
Rob Lowe Gay Kiss
I really had intended to end today's post with the documentary information, but I noticed a headline about Rob Lowe kissing a man and could NOT ignore that. Mainly because I think Rob Lowe is now, and has always been, one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood. I've also read features in Architectural Digest about his home, and he knows what he's doing in that department, too.
In any event, Lowe has a new memoir and he mentions kissing another man, a straight man...two straight men kissing.
Lowe writes: 'I kissed a man recently, and with romantic intent. I liked and admired him very much, and professionally he is as good as anyone in his field, but truth be told he isn’t conventionally attractive. In fact, he is not tall, lacks any hair whatsoever and is a bit older than anyone I would likely be interested in kissing, regardless of gender."
'But I did it anyway, and not without the apprehension you would expect from someone completely new to that sort of thing.'
I guess that doesn't sound as if Lowe was overly enthusiastic about kissing a man, especially that man in particular. I can understand this. I'd feel the same way if I had to kiss Joy Behar romantically (ugh). But I wouldn't mind kissing BeyoncĂ©.  
So what I'd really like to know is how Lowe would have felt if he'd kissed a hot guy.

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