Friday, March 21, 2014

Michigan Marriage Ban; Matt Bomer's Final Season; Stonewall Calls for Action

Michigan Marriage Ban

US District Judge Bernard Friedman ruled Michigan's ban on same sex marriage as unconstitutional because it violates the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution.

The ruling on Friday (21 March) by US District Judge Bernard Friedman stems from a lawsuit filed by Hazel Park couple April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse.

The couple contended that the ban violates the federal guarantee of due process in the 14th Amendment to the constitution.

The most interesting (and emotional) part of this ruling is what came out in the Judge Bernard's written comments.

Friedman stated that 'in attempting to define this case as a challenge to “the will of the people,” state defendants lost sight of what this case is truly about: people.'

He added: 'No court record of this proceeding could ever fully convey the personal sacrifice of these two plaintiffs who seek to ensure that the state may no longer impair the rights of their children and the thousands of others now being raised by same-sex couples.'

'It is the Court’s fervent hope that these children will grow up to understand the integrity and closeness of their own family and its concord with other families in their community and in their daily lives.'

You can read more here about the plaintiffs.

Smart, decent Judge...and why I've always leaned more in favor of a bench trial.

Matt Bomer's Final Season

I haven't posted about Matt Bomer for a while and that's because after everything settled with the cast of the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey people needed to calm down a little. I know I did. I also know I'll wait for Fifty Shades of Grey film to come out on demand and won't be going to see it in the theaters. And a lot of that has to do with the fact that Bomer wasn't selected to play Christian. I would have felt differently if he'd been offered the part and turned it down for personal reasons or that he had conflicts. But since I didn't read one single statement about that anywhere, I think I might even pass on seeing the Fifty Shades film altogether. It just doesn't work for me without Bomer. And I liked the books.

In any event, Bomer is as busy as ever. And this article discusses a shortened final season of his TV show, White Collar.

The final season of the show will consist of six episodes. The action will pick up from the season 5 cliffhanger that saw Bomer's con man turned FBI informant character abducted, according to Deadline.

There were negotiations between doing a full season of shows and a special miniseries sendoff so the six episodes appear to be a compromise.

Although White Collar's ratings were still solid and Bomer one of the network's biggest stars, the show was increasingly expensive to produce with its extensive location shoots in New York City.

You can read it in full here. All good things must come to an end...except, of course, for American Idol. THAT show will be around until we're all old and fifty shades of gray.

Stonewall Calls for Action

Stonewall released a campaign that's now calling on everyone, even gays, to come to action and not be bystanders with anything regarding abuse.

 Called ‘No Bystanders’, it opens on a school playground where a chain of insults begins with one child calling another a ‘ginger’.

From ‘fag’ to ‘gender bender’, ‘fatty’ to ‘bimbo’, the chain progresses out of the school gates and into the streets where adults trade bigoted and racist remarks.

At the end, McKellen says: ‘What we learn as children can last a lifetime. ‘If you hear it, stop it. Don’t be a bystander.’

I'm not sure if the word Queer is included in this campaign. Is Stonewall considering that word abusive even though many have embraced it now and many still find it highly offensive?

You can read more here. You can also watch a video and give them your money if you are so-inclined. It's a little bit like preaching to the proverbial choir, and here in the US we're already so PC about everything we're terrified to open our mouths and speak anymore. I don't even dare say "Merry Christmas" for fear of offending someone and being accused of abuse.

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