Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Liza Reacts to Ellen DeGeneres; TMZ Sucks; Utah Kids on Gay Marriage

Liza Reacts to Ellen DeGeneres

I don't usually link to anything associated with TMZ for reasons, but this time I made the exception because it's a follow up to the previous post about Ellen DeGeneres's joke about Liza Minnelli. A TMZ reporter, and I use the word reporter loosely, hunted Liza down and asked her in person how she felt about Ellen's joke.

Liza Minnelli didn't like the joke Ellen DeGeneres cracked about her at the Oscars ... suggesting she was actually a drag queen.

Liza and a male companion hit up Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood Monday night ... and Liza made it clear -- Ellen's joke backfired big time. 

Liza's note to Ellen:  She should have stopped and acknowledged they were friends, but instead Ellen blew through to the next joke, so it sounded mean.

And this is why I don't link to TMZ often. If you read the excerpt above you get the impression Liza went batshit crazy about Ellen's joke, which isn't the case at all if you watch the video. In a professional, polite, friendly way, Liza made her thoughts clear and at the same time made several positive comments about Ellen DeGeneres showing there's no animosity between them...at least not on the surface.

Side note: Liza looks even better in the TMZ video than she did on Oscar night. But the TMZ camera should have stopped rolling when Liza had an issue getting up the curb. She's had two hip replacements as a result of many years of dancing (and other health issues) and a decent reporter with even a hint of good taste would not have shown that in the video.

You can read more here, and I suggest watching the video to see how eloquent Minnelli actually was.

And...you can read this post where there's more about how a few prominent gay people responded to Ellen's joke.

As a kid, I remember when Joan Rivers slammed Elizabeth Taylor in her comedy act with mean fat jokes. It wasn't funny and I always thought Rivers paid a price for it. Taylor, who was sensitive about her weight, lost the weight and responded to Rivers with much less eloquence than Liza responded to Ellen's joke. And those were completely different times. We're all more aware of how bullying and calling names isn't a cool thing to do. Not even if you tip the pizza delivery man one thousand dollars. I once had a group of nasty authors attack me (and my name) on a comment thread with no provocation from me whatsoever and I didn't like it much either and I've never let go of that particular grudge. And never will either.

Utah Kids on Gay Marriage

While the fight for gay marriage continues in Utah, there is now testimony from kids with gay parents who talk about how the ban affects them.

"Family is really important in Utah and [Gov. Gary Herbert and the state of Utah] claim to want to protect families, but it hurts me and my brother to not be able to have married parents," one 12-year-old, identified by the initials R.H.P., told the authors of the brief. "My parents are good moms and are patient with me and are just regular people."

I feel for those kids. I really do. Of course the ban on gay marriage hurts and harms them. They're just kids.

You can read more here.

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