Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trevor Donovan Blog; What's a Novella?

Trevor Donovan Blog

I see a lot of celebrities on social media all the time and I always wonder about other words, I'm curious to see how they react to fans and how they actually socialize. After all, it's called social media for a reason. If it were designed for only certain people to post updates and photos so everyone else can fawn all over them it would be called Bullshit Media...or Full of Crap media.

The fact is most celebrities don't communicate at all with their fandom, and the fans don't seem to mind at all. I sometimes think some celebrities could step on their fans and the fans would thank them. I see lies posted all the time in the writing community with authors who really aren't even celebrities. Last weekend alone an author posted a stock photo he probably found on google. I'm not joking. I find this interesting for many reasons, and frankly I don't want anything to do with anyone who can't take the time out at least once in a while to post an update or comment that actually sounds sincere and looks sincere. But there are a few celebrities (and authors) you can sense are doing things from their hearts, and so far Trevor Donovan seems to be one of them. You just get the feeling he cares and that he actually enjoys what he's doing in life as well as with social media fan interaction. And his blog proves this.

He posts about various topic of interest to him, and about more personal matters like pets. In a recent post he wrote this:

When I was a young boy our next door neighbor had a dog who lived outside. All year round even in winters. I used to hop the fence daily and give him the only attention and affection he ever received.

This post is about something more serious that involves pet ownership and responsibility. You can read more here. He also blogs at google blogger just like the rest of us, with his own words and voice. I'll post something about his upcoming film this weekend, tomorrow. It's a romance, it's about Christmas, and he wears a lot of sweaters and scarves.

What's a Novella?

I've posted about the novella several times, without really giving a set definition because so many definitions vary. I'm not going there again in this post, but I did run across an interesting piece about the novella I thought I would share for anyone who is interested. This more about whether or not the novella is an "essential form." As in literature.

Apart from length, what separates a novella from a novel? What about a short story? Crane spoke about the tradition of the novella, works like The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy, Death in Venice by Thomas Mann, and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka that defined the form. She argued that all three can be read in one sitting and maintain a tight focus on a single subject, yet encompass a narrative scope that cannot be recreated in a short story.

My only comment here is that this is one of those things up for discussion that might always be up for discussion. I've written several novellas for specific reasons. It wasn't an accident and I knew what I was doing. They needed to be novellas because they were too long to be considered short stories and if I'd made them shorter I would have been skimping on content for the reader. For me it's plain and simple, and I don't like these discussions because they infer someone is right and someone is wrong. In this case I think it's more opinion and if you don't like novellas don't read them or write them. If you do, there are plenty out there to read, and plenty of readers who want to read them.

You can read more here. Sometimes these academic "discussions" are a complete waste of valuable time and the energy would be well spent on something far more important.

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