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FREE Naughty Excerpt FANGSTERS; Adam Levine Sexiest Man Alive 2013

Adam Levine Sexiest Man Alive 2013

From what I gather, it hasn't been officially announced. But it's been buzzing around that Adam Levine is supposed to be this year's People Magazine choice for Sexiest Man of the Year.

Gossip Cop reports The Voice coach and Maroon 5 singer will be given the title on Nov. 20. People confirms to us that the announcement will be "next week" and the issue will be on stands on Wednesday.

In the past, Gossip Cop has predicted several winners ahead of time and they've always been correct. I hope it is true. It works for me. If I could actually remember things like this I would link to a book where I patterned a character after Adam Levine in a gay romance I wrote not too long ago.

In any event, Adam Levine also had one of the hottest houses I've seen in an Architectural Digest layout since they did one on Ryan Seacrest's home about ten years ago. Trust me when I tell you it's worth following this link to AD just to see the Adam Levine photo and the jeans Levine is wearing. That photo alone made him the sexiest man alive and he didn't even know it at the time. I wish I could share it here, but copyright laws prevent these things nowadays. At least there are several photos of Levine on wiki commons like the one above that are safe to share.

FREE Naughty Excerpt FANGSTERS

I'm posting a longer excerpt for Fangsters today and I'll be linking to my other blog because this blog is g-rated and I self-censor here all the time for various reasons. The reason this excerpt is longer is because I'd like people who haven't read the book to check out certain scenes here for reasons I think are interesting...for lack of a better word. Keep in mind that I'm an openly gay writer, Fangsters was edited by an openly gay man (Don Weise) who used to be senior editor at one of the largest LGBT presses in the world, and we thought the content in Fangsters was actually safe compared to what other vampire/crime books look like out there today. And I fully trusted, and still do trust, Don's judgment when it comes to the content in Fangsters. He's one of the few editors I've worked with in recent years that has far more experience than I have.

Since the release day, Fangsters seems to have touched on things we didn't think would even be discussed. The book has rough sex, but not BDSM by any means and yet one book reviewer claimed it had BDSM scenes. I recently read another review where someone thought the main characters were bullies and that it was too intense for her to continue reading to the end. Well, sometimes vampires ARE bullies. But this pattern seems to continue at certain times with some (not all) of the reviews and it's hard to figure out why because it is a book with a theme that revolves around vampires, organized crime, and exaggerated evil supernatural scenes. And yet there are still some very tender love scenes, especially when it comes time to turn one of the characters. In fact one scene was so emotional Don thought it would be wise to tone it down because this is a vamp book about organized crime and he thought it might be too schmaltzy.

So the confusing part to me is whether or not readers want vanilla gay vampires in organized crime and toned down sex scenes instead of exaggerated sex scenes because vampires are exaggerated supernatural beings. And I figured I would post one of the more exaggerated scenes from Fangsters here today for my blog readers who haven't read Fangsters to see what I'm talking about. I'm not making any changes, trust me on that. I own every word in every book that is released and I would rather go up on a hill and die before I made a change. But I'm just curious.

This is the raw unedited version, so there might be a few issues, but it's not that different from the final e-book for sale on retail web sites. Follow the link at the bottom to continue reading at my other web site.

On the way to the nightclub in Livingston, Digger seemed to have come out of the slump he’d been in when Anton had picked him up earlier. He shoved a Lady Gaga CD into the Escalade’s sound system and repeated the song Bad Romance all the way to the nightclub while he talked about his plans for the future. “This is fucking unreal, dude. We’re finally going to get a chance to do something fucking worthwhile.” He made a fist and punched his other hand. “We’ll teach that fucking von Sutton who’s the boss.”

            Unlike Digger and the rest of his clan, Anton had never acquired the crude northern New Jersey accent with which they all spoke. Once in a while people who didn’t know him well could still detect a hint of the New England accent he’d once had. But for the most part he didn’t have any accent at all. He’d concentrated on the way he spoke so he would lose all traces of his past life as a mortal. And in the same respect, he had no ambitions of aspiring to the crude colloquial accents of those he knew in New Jersey. He did this by listening to everything and waiting a few seconds before he actually spoke. Reading classic novels like The Great Gatsby and Moby Dick had also played a huge part in this constant need to improve himself. In fact, he’d read the first page of The Great Gatsby so many times he could repeat it verbatim. And he’d learned to do this all alone, because there weren’t any people in his clan that could appreciate things of this nature. Dino read sports magazines; his mom read The National Enquirer. He would have been surprised if Angelo had read street signs. He knew for a fact that Digger had never even read a book from cover to cover.

            Anton lowered the volume and spoke over Lady Gaga. “Hold on, buddy. We’re not going to show anyone who the boss is. We’re just going to have a nice chat with von Sutton and make this right. The last thing we need is another war between the clans.”

            “Fuck that,” Digger said. “I think that little queen you’ve been tagging is making you a pussy. She’s got you whipped, man.”

            Anton didn’t take offense. He knew Digger had referred to Leo in that derogatory way because Digger couldn’t figure out their deal. In the same respect, he couldn’t resist torturing Digger a little either. “Don’t talk about my boyfriend that way. He’s not a queen and don’t change the pronouns.”

            Digger sat up and jerked his neck in a defensive way. He squared his shoulders and pointed his thumb to his chest. “And don’t fucking tell me what to do, because you’re not the boss of me.”

            “If you’d just give Leo a chance I’m sure you’d like him,” Anton said. He knew this would irritate Digger even more. “He’s the sweetest, smartest, kindest little soul I’ve ever known. And I’ve never met anyone better in bed. You should try to be more like him.”

            Digger slammed his fist into the door. “Spare me the fucking details. And fuck you.”

            “You should really try harder to get to know him better,” Anton said. “If you did, I think you’d really like him.”

            Digger flung him a stare. “Why don’t you just hit me over the head with a fucking hammer and be done with it.”

            Anton laughed. He slowed down so he could turn into the parking lot that would lead him to the nightclub. “Calm down, buddy. I’m only joking around on purpose to piss you off.”

            “You’re an epic dick.”

            Anton pulled into the parking space next to the front door of the club and said, “Just promise me you’ll try to get to know him. I’ve never felt this way before about anyone and I would like it if my best buddy approved of it. I’m only asking you to try, for my sake.”

            “What about me?” Digger asked. “I’m supposed to step aside and let this fucking human have you without a fight.”

            Anton knew this is where is could get complicated; he had to be delicate. He wanted to make it right partly because he did have feelings for Digger, and partly because he didn’t trust Digger completely. He didn’t want Digger causing any harm to Leo and he figured it would be better to have Digger on his side than against him. So he reached for Digger’s hand, knowing deep down Digger would never refuse him anything, and said, “We’ve always known how things are. We’ve always known there’s no way we could ever be together in a literal sense because they consider us cousins in the clan. I still feel the same way about you I always did, but I met Leo and I can’t help the way I feel about him. And besides, you’ve screwed everything thing that walks and I’ve never once gotten mad at you for it.”

            “That’s different,” Digger said. “It’s just sex. I didn’t care about any of them.”

            Anton didn’t want to get into a long discussion in the car. Digger had always been able to separate sex from love and it had never been that simple for Anton. They were already late and he wanted to get inside. “All I’m asking is that you try to get to know him better. You might even find you have a few things in common besides me.” He squeezed his hand harder. “Promise me you’ll at least try.”

            Digger made a face and said, “Okay. I will try. But I can’t promise I’ll actually like him.”

            Anton shrugged and said, “That’s all I’m asking. I think things will work out better than you think they will.”

            “I don’t see how,” said Digger.

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Remembering Grace said...

Okay, I read both excerpts, and first of all, AWESOME! Second of all, I'm not seeing where the controversy is...? It read exactly as I would expect it to read. I loved the bit at the end, with the unexpected bits of grace between the older teen and Anton, I thought it closed the scene really well.
I'm sorry, Ryan, I tried, but I honestly don't see what these other people are getting bent out of shape over. Maybe these people are just new to the genre, or something?

ryan field said...

Thanks for commenting. I don't get it either. But when it was released others liked Digger the most in reviews and I was worried he would be hated. It's all subjective I guess.