Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Edsel of Tablets? ePad Femme..."Easy and Pink Enough for Women"

For those who know nothing about cars, the Edsel was built in the late 1950's by Ford, and it was supposed to be this grand new concept...much like what I read about the ePad Femme more recently. I found this in wiki:

The Edsel is most famous for being a marketing disaster. Indeed, the name "Edsel" became synonymous with the "real-life" commercial failure, of the predicted "perfect" product, or product idea. Similar ill-fated products have often been colloquially referred to as "Edsels". Since the Edsel program was such a debacle, it gave marketers a vivid illustration of how not to market a product. The principal reason the Edsel's failure is so famous is that Ford had absolutely no idea that the failure was going to happen until the vehicles were built; the dealerships established; and the company had invested $400,000,000.00 in the product's development and launch. Incredibly, Ford had presumed to invest $400 million (well over $4.0 billion in the 21st century), without even asking itself, if it had been prudent to do so.

When I saw the first news pieces about the ePad Femme...thanks to a twitter shitstorm...which is being marketed as a tablet that even women can use (easy enough for women) pink-ish tones and soft gentler first thought was "They don't know my mom." At 78, she's a retired therapist and she's been using an iPad since they came out. Her main source for all things cyber is a MacBook, and she goes for classes once or twice a month to keep up with what's new. Long before this, before she retired from practice, her entire office had gone electronic back in the 1990's.

My sister works with special education students and blogs online with her iPad. She's also, like me, been known to blog right from her tablet or phone if rushed, and as I recall her tablet is black and there are no signs of pink-ish tones anywhere to be seen.

And I can't forget about the women I work with in publishing who know more than most men know about anything cyber. Then there are my women readers and fellow authors who have been reading and writing e-books long before the big six ever realized they were actually to be taken seriously. The truth is that when I need tech help or advice I often turn to one of the women I work with.

This article has an amusing tone:

Hello, girls! Can't figure out your Kindle? Don't know where to find cool apps for your iPad? Don't worry your pretty little heads about it any longer: Now there's a tablet computer just for you, preloaded with lady-friendly apps displayed on a fancy, pink background!

For anyone who ever wanted to know the definition of the word "camp," there you are. If you'd like to read more about the reactions to the ePad Femme, just type it in google and a simple search will bring up more than you'll be able to read in one sitting. I'd like to know what on earth these marketing people were thinking.


Donetta Sifford said...

This is great. I still have trouble with a lot of technology so I turn to my 11 year old daughter. lol I also nominated you for the Liebster Award. Thank you for sharing your work.

ryan field said...

Thanks for commenting.

Shelagh said...

Sure, some people have problems with technology, but why do a certain section of them need a tablet of a certain colour. I've worked in IT for over 20 years - in our house, it's my husband who struggles with these things. I can't imagine anyone marketing a blue tablet, aimed at men who struggle with these things and if anyone suggested to him that he should buy such an item, he'd probably refuse in good old anglo-saxon!

ryan field said...

You're right. It was a bad idea and it hasn't been received well.