Sunday, March 17, 2013

My List of Published Fiction: Part Two

I've been working on a list of the fiction I've had published over the years and this is part two. You can check out part one here if you are so inclined, where I also posted reasons why I'm doing this.

The following works are listed on, and I've added an Amazon link to each one (a few have publisher links). Some are short stories and Novellas, so keep that in mind when you're checking them out at the links. Most web sites do add word counts and length.

Most of these works have been published with my name, Ryan Field, and those few that weren't I've mentioned in parenthesis.

42. In Bed With the Boss link
43. With This Cowboy I so Freely Love link
44. A Life Filled with Awesome Love link
45. Captain Velvet's Velvet Box link
46. That Cowboy in the Window link
47. Something for St. Jude link
48. Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy link
49. Cowboy Howdy link
50. Unmentionable: The Men Who Loved on the Titanic link
51. Four Feet Under With My Buddies link
52. The Computer Tutor link
53. A Young Widow's Promise link
54, Bury It, Officer link
55. Another Regular Bud link
56. Babycakes link
57. Skater Boy link
58. You Missed a Spot, Big Guy link
59. Jolly Roger link
60. Billabong Bang link
61. Dirty Little Virgin link
62. Down the Basement II: Santa Saturday link
63. Sir, Yes Sir link
64. Missing Jackson's Hole link
65. Kevin Loves Cowboys link
66. It's Naughty to Be Nice (pubbed under R. Field) link
67. Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza link
68. A Regular Bud link
69. Pumpkin Ravioli Boy link
70. Down the Basement link
71. Vance's Flames link
72. Capping the Season link
73. Whatever Dude link
74. Young Doughy Joey link
75. I Kissed a Boy (Short Story in Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
76. I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa (SS in Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
77. Men in Shorts (SS in Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
78. Merry Sexmass Anthology (SS in Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
79. Sex and Shoes (SS in Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
80. Sex and Taxes (SS in Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
81. Sex Toy Stories (SS Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
82. Tight Ends (SS Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
83. Touchdowns (SS in Anthology by Lori Perkins) link
84. How the West was Done (SS in Anthology by Adam Carpenter) link
85. Boys of the Bite (SS in Anthology by Cecelia Tan) Link
86. Well Hung by the Chimney (Novella) link
87. Manhandled ( novel pubbed with pen name, Dale Bishop) link
88. Manhandled: The Magic of Love (novel pubbed with pen name, Dale Bishop) link
89. Loving Daylight (pubbed with pen name Malia Sutton and featured on Home Shopping Network for a line of romance novels) link

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