Thursday, March 14, 2013

Judge Rules Against Bloomberg Sugary Soft Drinks; Free Excerpt From New Self-Published Story: Sugary Soft Drink Twink

The other morning while watching local news, I saw a piece about a new law in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg wants a law that states no sugary soft drinks in containers of more than twenty ounces can be sold legally. And while I don't drink sugary soft drinks at all, I found it interesting that no one seemed to be questioning a law like this. I like freedom. I don't like being told what to do...or what not to do. I think if pot were legalized tomorrow the same people who have been smoking pot illegally for years would be able to smoke it legally...and, more important, those who didn't smoke pot at all will not start smoking it just because it's legal.

And what about gambling...the state lottery? Gambling has ruined far more lives than sugary soft drinks ever will. I could go on and mention alcohol, but won't.

Yesterday I read that Judge Milton A. Tingling of State Supreme Court in Manhattan jumped into the foray and struck the law down.

In an unusually critical opinion, Justice Milton A. Tingling of State Supreme Court in Manhattan called the limits “arbitrary and capricious,” echoing the complaints of city business owners and consumers who had deemed the rules unworkable and unenforceable, with confusing loopholes and voluminous exemptions.

 Mayor Bloomberg said this:

“I’ve got to defend my children, and yours, and do what’s right to save lives,” the mayor said. “Obesity kills. There’s no question it kills.”


New Self-Publishing News From Me: "Sugary Soft Drink Twink"

I have several books left in the Bad Boy Billionaire series to complete, I just submitted a full length novel to another publisher about organized crime and gay vampires, and I have a few short stories coming out with European publishers over the course of this year. I've been busy. I don't know where the time has gone between September and now.

But I wanted to self-pub something this year and I found/made the time to do it. It's going to be a short story, gay erotic romance, and a little quirky this time. It's not exactly sci-fi, however I did set the story about fifty years into the future and I wanted to parody the very thing I just posted about above with regard to sugary soft drinks.

Frankly, I predict that Mayor Bloomberg will get his way eventually whether a judge likes it or not...or whether I like it or not. It won't affect me directly because I don't drink sugary soft drinks. But as I said, I don't like being told what to do...or how to raise my children if Tony and I decide to adopt. So I wanted to create a world in this story where sugary soft drinks are not only illegal substances, but also have become sort of kinky and dangerous.

In the story, the mc goes out cruising, with his dangerous illegal can of soda in a brown paper bag, and winds up meeting a kindred spirit, so to speak. I had fun writing it, and it is all fantasy. But I also think it's something we can look forward to in the future. This sugary soft drink issue is not going to disappear. And it wouldn't surprise me to see all sugary soft drinks illegal by the year 2050. Whether or not this will solve the obesity issue...if there is an obesity issue...remains to be seen. They could always outlaw mashed potatoes, too. And cake.

In any event, here's an excerpt from the raw version soon to be self-published. I don't have a set title or a cover yet, but I'll have that ready by April and I'm hoping for an April release. I will price this at .99 and I think I'll do the Amazon lending program for the first three months. I haven't decided on that yet because it would mean I'm locked into Amazon for three months and I can't release it at other venues like Allromance. I will post the final decision before the book is released. I love the book lending concept, but I don't like being locked into anything.

I was born the same day the mayor of New York signed a bill that made selling sugary soft drinks illegal. Up until then, so I’ve been told, sugary soft drinks could be served as long as they didn’t exceed the twenty ounce limit. In order to make sugary soft drinks sound less appealing to the masses, the politically correct even started pronouncing them differently. Instead of saying sugary with a soft sh sound, they began pronouncing sugary with a hard s sound, as in “Sally’s silly sundress.” Those with a lisp couldn’t win.  

            This all began in the year 2013, and by the time I was born in 2020 sugary soft drinks had been banned altogether and no one pronounced sugary with a soft sh anymore. Some wouldn’t even say the word at all, not even with a hard S. They just called it the “S” word, and spoke about it in furtive stage whispers so children wouldn’t hear.

            If you were caught drinking them or selling them you could wind up either in prison, paying a hefty fine, or forced to attend the government funded Sugary Soft Advanced Detox…SSAD for short…depending on past offenses and which sugary soft drink had been found in your possession. With something less offensive like orange drink you might get off with a tap on the wrist for a first offense. But if you were caught with more than twenty ounces of hardcore soda in your possession you were doomed for the worst, and, your name went onto a public list that said you were a sugary soft drink abuser.

            So when I entered puberty I naturally had to wonder about these dangerous, toxic soft drinks. They intrigued me far more than legal substances like vodka and whiskey and pot. I had to find out what they were like. With help from friends who had tried them already, I finally found a guy on a street corner who sold them out of the back of his old fashioned vintage Prius.

            My first taste of this forbidden fruit came in the form of the most dangerous and heinous of them all: soda pop. I’m almost ashamed to admit this. But there you are. The moment I took one sip of soda I felt a rush in my head and a thrill went up the sides of both my legs. But more than that, at the time I was looking at some old time virtual reality gay porn from the 2020’s on the Interwebs and the combination of sexual arousal with sugary soft drink high sent me right over the edge. And ever since then I’ve never been able to separate sugary soft drinks from sexual gratification. Just the sound of the fizz alone makes my poor heart beat faster and sets my chest to heaving. At least it’s the only illegal thing I do.

            Well, almost.

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