Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nicest Blogger I Met This Year: Anthony Romero

I met a lot of nice bloggers this year, both gay and straight, male and female. But one guy really stands out as being the nicest, the sweetest, and the most genuine...and that's because I didn't expect him to be so nice.

His name is Anthony Romero. And he also writes great stories, too.

A lot of bloggers, especially gay bloggers, can have attitude that goes on for days. Oh yes, I know of what I speak. Nasty little queens with too much attitude and not enough money or talent.

That sweet little Davey Wavey wasn't so sweet when I found a malware virus from a link to his blog and it took me all morning to get rid of it. And when I was nice enough to e-mail good old Davey Wavey about the malware virus to warn him, I never even received so much as a thank you. I get that. I'm used to that with the Davey Wavey types. They know how to work a crowd but deep down they aren't the sweetest people on earth.

But this guy, Anthony Romero, truly is just as nice as a blogger can get. And as good looking as he is smart!!

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