Friday, December 14, 2012

My Top Ten Gay Books This Year...

Although I don't review often, I enjoy talking about great LGBT books I've read. Some of the books I've listed in the top ten below were recommended to me. One or two were sent to me. I think I even won one of them in a contest. But for the most part they were chosen by me, and if they weren't the odds are I would have chosen to purchase and read them anyway.

I reviewed some of them and didn't review others. I rated some on GR, but haven't had time to rate them all yet. The only reason for that is lack of time. I read a lot more than I thought I did, not even taking the Rainbow Awards into consideration (which was a a lot of reading). None of these were books I read for the Rainbow Awards. I don't even think any were in the RA, but I could be wrong about that. This was just for pure pleasure reading.

Please take note the books aren't in any particular order. I enjoyed each one the same, which means I didn't enjoy number 10 any less than I enjoyed number 3 and 4. I'm also still in the process of writing a full review for one of the non-fiction books on this list (Deeply Superficial) that I'll publish sometime this weekend or early next week. I think it's a good read for younger gay men, from an autobiographical POV.

1. Murder Most Deadly 1: False Jon Michaelsen Link

2. Mating A.J. Llewellyn Link

3. Deeply Michael Menzies Link

4. Michele Montgomery Link

5. The Christmas Keegan Kennedy Link

6. Best Gay Romance 2012...Edited by Richard Labonte Link

7. In One John Irving (Not listed as LGBT fiction, but the best account of what happened during the height of the AIDS crisis I've ever read) Link

8. The Trouble with Hal Bodner Link

9. 4 Stories About Gay Men Getting X&$%#@ in the Peter Lockyer (Can't post the entire title because this is a pg rated blog, but you can figure it out) Link

10. Brad's Mary Gresham Link

As you can see I have eclectic taste. I'm still reading The Casual Vacancy (it's long, I'm loving it, and I keep putting it down to read other things and coming back to it). I read and loved Fifty Shades of Grey. I read a few Debbie Macomber novels this year that I loved, too. That's right, Debbie Macomber. I love her books. I'm also a growing fan of a lot of self-published fiction and I'll be posting more about that soon...with regard to the stigma attached to self-publishing that still seems to be going around.

This is why I also added #10 to my list. It's a short story written and self-pubbed by someone who is a fan of LGBT fiction, supports all things LGBT, and someone who is not a professional author...yet. It's a product of pure fiction, from the POV of a woman who loves gay fiction and reads it all the time, and something I found both interesting and well written. And when a book or story sticks with you long after you've read it, something was done right.

I could go on with this list, and I want to emphasize that if I read your book and you know I read it and I didn't mention it on this list that doesn't mean I didn't like it. I almost hate writing lists like this for that reason. But I did want to mention a few books that stood out for me this year. If anyone would like to add any other books to the comment thread, feel free to so do.


Jon Michaelsen said...

Wow - thanks, Ryan for chosing my sex thriller, False Evidence, as one of your favs. I loved writing the story and can't wait to get back to the sequel. I'm both honored and humbled by your support!!

ryan field said...

The character stuck with me, and I can't stop thinking about what happens to him. I like that. As a reader it give me something to look forward to when I'm stressed and just want to get away from it all.