Sunday, October 14, 2012

Next Amazon KDP Release: "A Sign From Heaven Above"

I haven't posted anything about my work with the Amazon KDP program in a while because I've been busy working on contracted books for publishers. But I'm getting close to releasing another KDP book very soon and I wanted to mention it.

This time it's a story titled, "A Sign From Heaven Above." It's an original story that has never been published anywhere before, it's gay erotic romance, and it runs about 8,000 words. It will also be priced at .99 just like my other KDP releases on Amazon.

Raw Blurb:

Although Ricky is starting to get his new life together in Los Angeles, he still misses his long time partner, Max, of Twenty years who died suddenly. The fact that there was a twenty year age difference between Ricky and his late partner makes things even worse, and Ricky finds himself trying to figure out how to begin his life all over again at the age of forty years old when most people are just beginning to sink into their lives.

The reason he moved to LA in the first place was because there were too many memories of Max in New York to start again. But things don't seem to be getting better, at least not until Ricky meets his next foor neighbor, Grayson, for the first time. And although he's not sure about Grayson at first, he is attracted to him and Grayson's aggressive personality makes him smile more than he's smiled since Max's death. But in order to move forward with Grayson, and to know he's doing the right thing, he needs a sign from heaven. Without that sign, he knows deep down he'll never feel right about falling in love with another man.  

As I said, this is a raw blurb subject to change before publication...which usually happens at the last minute. But it is the basic storyline and that won't change. I'm shooting for a release date next month sometime, which I'll post more about as I get closer to a release date.

I don't want to get all spiritual in fiction, but I think a lot of people are more superstitious than they would admit to being. When it comes to important life decisions it makes people feel more confident/comfortable if they get a small sign that they are making the right choices. It doesn't have to be religious and doesn't have to have anything to do with heaven. But I've been around long enough to know that certain things in life seem to fall into place when we least expect them if there's a pattern to our lives over which we have no control.

And we often find things out about our lives/destinies in the form of little signs from the universe that only we can know and understand. In my case, I've always lived in a place with the numbers 1, 4, 6, and 2 in the address. Not in that order; not always at the same time. The home Tony and I owned before this was a combination of two of those numbers...16. The home before that was a different combination of two more of those numbers...42. The home we've lived in for the past ten years is an arrangement of all those numbers. And I didn't always realize it at the time, so it wasn't a conscious decision to move to places with those numbers. We bought this house before we even knew the address...or cared about it. But these four numbers have been following me around for years.

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