Friday, October 19, 2012

Male Full Frontal Nudity ll: Michael Pitt and Zack McGowen

After posting earlier this week about a male full frontal nudity scene with Bobby Cannavale in "Boardwalk Empire," I remembered a few other scenes I'd happened to notice recently and figured I'd post about them, too. And it's Friday. We're in the middle of a vicious election, gas prices are soaring at record highs, and Joy Behar's big mouth is still running overtime. So it's nice to take a break from it all for a day or two.

I find it interesting that actor Michael Pitt...who happens to be one of the best actors in Hollywood with or without his clothes...did a full frontal nude scene in a film called "Dreamers" (2003) and he also starred in "Boardwalk Empire" when it first launched. In fact, he was the only reason I bothered to watch BE in the beginning, and then they killed off his character and I'm only hanging on now by a thin thread (which has nothing to do with male full frontal...the storyline's just not keeping my interest).

As far as I know, Michael Pitt did not do any full frontal nudity in BE. Which is slightly disappointing because he did such a great scene in "Dreamers."  You can watch the entire scene here. I often wonder if some actors do certain scenes at the beginning of their careers in order to get recognized, and then never do them again once they are established. Tom Cruise did more than a few scenes without his clothes, so did Brad Pitt. I don't think either one ever did full frontal, but they showed plenty in the beginning and haven't showed anything since then. This tells me that there's no limit to what some people will do for a buck in the beginning, and art has nothing to do with it...and I'm not one to judge nudity in films or TV shows. I actually think nudity, when done well, adds to the artistic reality of certain scenes and there's nothing dirty or obscene about it. Kind of like nude models in drawing 101 freshman year of college. At first it's a little awkward, but after fifteen minutes the nudity isn't an issue anymore. I've been to plenty of nude beaches in my time, and I felt awkward at first about stripping down to nothing. But it didn't take long before it felt perfectly natural.

In any event, another more recent male full frontal nude scene was done in "Shameless," by actor Zack McGowen. In this case, the full frontal nudity did add to the artistic quality of the the scene in which he did it, and that show is so reality oriented I think it's like cheating if there aren't a few nudes scenes. It also added to the popularity of Zack McGowen, which stands to reason because male full frontal is considered so taboo. What he had between his legs was nothing to be ashamed about. You don't see a nice one THAT nice every day of the week, in real life or on TV. Here's a link to photos I can't post here where you can see it in all its glory yourselves.

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