Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy...

I went to look for photos about Hurricanes on google, and one that I'd posted last year came up and I thought that was interesting. I've been planning to do a long blog post about personal blogging in terms of personal legacy and this experience just reinforced my opinions about blogging. For many, what you put on your blog and what you put on the Internet will one day, indeed, become your personal legacy. So it's important now to think about how your blog posts will look in the future when you or anyone else looks back at them.

In this case, I posted about Hurricane Irene in August of 2011, and then tropical storm Lee. But the photo above is from a nor-easter we had in the spring. That was just some of the damage. We get hurricanes and nor-easters in this part of the country, but usually not a little more than one year later. Most of the time it's more like once every five years. So this "Frankenstorm" isn't something we haven't had to deal with before, but the frequency with which it's happening is unusual. I know people who are still recovering from the last one.

The photo above is basically what Tony and I have to deal with during storms like this. We don't have to worry about flooding, but we're surrounded by huge trees and you never know which one might come down. So far, everyone is expecting the worst and hoping for the best with Sandy. I know for a fact that all NJ State troopers have been called in for duty and we're in a state of emergency here.

I just hope everyone gets through this okay, especially those in areas that tend to flood. If they tell you to evacuate, listen to them. Don't be a hero. It's not worth it. This thing is going to be around until Tuesday from the latest report I heard.


Shelagh said...

I hope it turns out not to be as bad as they're forecasting. Take care!

ryan field said...

Thanks. I hope so, too.