Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hoping Lambda Sees That Newsweek Mag Goes Digital

Earlier this week I posted about the fact that the LLF still doesn't accept digital submissions from authors for the Lambda Awards. There are links in that post where I've posted even more in the past on this topic.

Not only is it costly for authors to submit copies of print books these days, but most authors have a large digital readership that's building constantly.

So this is why I'm hoping the folks at the LLF who are in charge of the Lambda Awards read this article about Newsweek Magazine going completely digital in a few months. I've been predicting this sort of thing for the past five years at least. I also think all magazines will follow Newsweek's path eventually.

So why is it taking so long in book publishing?

Newsweek is ending its print edition and transitioning to an all-digital format by the end of 2012, editor Tina Brown announced on Thursday.

The magazine has been in print since 1933. That will end after its Dec. 31 issue. The shuttering of the print edition will inevitably seen as a harbinger of things to come for the wider industry.

The all-digital tablet edition will be called Newsweek Global. it will launch in early 2013 and require a paid subscription.

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