Friday, October 5, 2012

"Freedom to Marry"

I have an older gay friend who sent me a crazed e-mail this afternoon about an e-mail he received from "Freedom to Marry." It took four rounds of going back and forth to explain to him that "Freedom to Marry" is working toward a goal of equality, not trying to stop it.

Then I figured if he'd misinterpreted it maybe others did. So I'm copying and pasting the latest e-mail from "Freedom to Marry" below to show that they are looking for support, and they are fighting to have same sex marriage legalized. As opposed to the "National Organization of Marriage," a group fighting to stop the legalization of same sex marriage.


Two million dollars. That’s how much an anonymous donor just pledged to the so-called National Organization for Marriage to defeat marriage at the ballot next month in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. Here's what NOM just said in an email to their supporters:

"This new $2 million matching grant challenge will help us compete even more effectively with Obama’s billionaire gay marriage activists and wealthy Hollywood celebrities who are determined to impose homosexual marriage as the law of the land."

NOM has never played by campaign finance rules, but a secret two million dollar donor is low even for them. Every one of those dollars will be spent to demonize gay families and defeat the freedom to marry in battleground states.

We’re close to making history by winning marriage at the ballot. When we do, we’ll take away NOM’s last desperate talking point. Ryan, please donate $25, $50 or what you can afford to help combat NOM’s scare tactics with the truth about gay families:

While NOM uses secret donors to attack gay families, we’re proud to say that supporters like you are how we’ll secure our first-ever marriage victories at the ballot on November 6th.

Thanks for all you do,

Marc Solomon

National Campaign Director, Freedom to Marry

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