Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cover Preview: A Sign From Heaven Above

"A Sign From Heaven Above" is a new release I'm indie publishing with Amazon. This time it's not a full length novel. It's a 9,000 word short story that's erotic gay romance, and it's never been published before anywhere. It will be offered as a .99 e-book indefinitely.

I actually wrote this a long time ago...years...and kept it in my files because I wasn't sure what to do with it. I didn't think it was right for Loveyoudivine.com, I didn't see any calls for submission for anthologies where I thought it would fit, and I focus mostly on full length novels with Ravenousromance.com. So, as they say, it was orphaned for years.

Tag Line:

Sometimes all it takes is one little sign to help show us the way

Raw Blurb subject to change:

Although Ricky has been living in his new home in the Hollywood Hills for a few months, he hasn't had a chance to meet his new neighbor. All Ricky knows about him is that he's young, attractive, and seems to live a fast life. This doesn't bother Ricky much because he's not looking to meet anyone at this time in his life. He's forty years old and the reason he moved to the West Coast was because his partner of twenty years passed away suddenly and Ricky's still grieving.

Then one afternoon when he least expects it, Ricky meets his neighbor in a very unusual situation and finds him as smart and funny as he is attractive. Ricky likes him so much he invites him to dinner and they talk about Ricky's love of horses, riding, and his Amish background. But when it comes time to get more intimate, Ricky's not sure he wants to proceed. He feels guilty, as if he's cheating on his deceased partner, and he silently prays for a sign from heaven to tell him he's doing the right thing.

I'm not sure about a release date yet, but it will be out before Thanksgiving, and probably much sooner than later.

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