Thursday, October 4, 2012

Captain Velvet's Velvet Box - All Romance Ebooks


I almost completely forgot I have a new release out titled, "Captin Velvet's Velvet Box."

It's sort of a Halloween/costume themed story, but not totally. In fact, having it released this time of year turned out to be fate more than planning. But I like the way the cover turned out with the mask at the bottom. Captain Velvet is an anonymous character who works in an ad agency during the day.

In any event, it's a short story about a gay superhero fantasy, with I hope a lot of humor and a storyline that isn't a romance, but something people can relate to in their own individual ways. Here's a link to ARe. And it can be purchased on Amazon and the publisher's web site

Captain Velvet's Velvet Box - All Romance Ebooks

Here's the blurb:

When nice looking young Ross finally loses his virginity, he discovers something unusual he didn't know about himself. He thinks he's just a normal guy fresh out of college, working in a low profile job in advertising, living in a small studio apartment in New York. Until he discovers he has this unexplainable super-sexual ability to bring men to their knees. It's an erotic gift so powerful and so earth-shattering it actually makes one hunky semi-pro baseball player scream out, "Polka Doodle-Doooo," in the proverbial height of passion. When word starts to get around about Ross's superhuman erotic gift, he's approached by a producer who wants him to star in an all-male adult video titled, "Captain Velvet", with six strapping young football players and a kinky costume that includes a sheer black cape and a black velvet mask. Although Ross is reluctant at first, he finally agrees to star in the video as long as he can remain anonymous.

And here's an excerpt:

The way Ross Rand gained his unexpected fame happened by accident, a pure coincidence of fate he’d never expected, not in his wildest dreams. He couldn’t have planned it if he’d tried. He’d never been considered overly ambitious, and no one would have referred to him as the aggressive type. Yet, in spite of all this, he wound up obtaining a level of celebrity—and some fortune—few people are ever able to achieve.

He was only twenty-two years old by the time all this happened, a recent college graduate living in a rented Manhattan studio apartment, working as a junior sales rep for a large advertising agency. People described him as slim and athletic, with short, reddish brown hair parted perfectly on the right. His small, straight nose and strong, dimpled chin suggested true Yankee origin. He wore preppy white shirts and casual khaki slacks and took pride in the fact he had always blended into a crowd without being noticed.

It’s not that he was shy or had serious inhibitions. He simply didn’t have the ambition to be anything other than a normal guy living a normal life. And right after college, it hadn’t occurred yet to Ross that he’d been blessed with a superhuman gift, a type of sensual magic, which could bring any man to his knees, begging for more.

The night he finally realized he was different from other men, he was in bed with a guy he’d met at a downtown bar. He’d just lost his virginity to a thirty-year-old Italian guy, Bruno from Brooklyn, with jet black hair and large muscles bulging all over his olive-skinned body. Though Bruno from Brooklyn pronounced his TH’s as D’s, and every sentence included the F-word, Ross had liked the way he’d spread his legs wide and hiked up his jeans when he’d sat down at the barstool earlier that evening.

Ross loved one thing most of all about Bruno. He leaned toward being obnoxious in some ways, a real butch type who smoked and drank beer straight from the bottle. The night they first met, Bruno wasted no time placing his massive palm aggressively on the small of Ross’s back in front of all the other guys in the bar. He wanted them to know that Ross belonged to him, and to make it clear to Ross in no uncertain terms that he would always be the aggressor. Though Ross wasn’t effeminate, he clearly was the placid, fair-haired type most dark, forceful guys prefer. Some would have considered him submissive at a glance.

The lines were clearly drawn from the start: Bruno from Brooklyn had a wife, two children, and a full-time job as a New York firefighter. He was only looking for some fun and games on the down low and was only interested in quick sex with guys who had great asses. For all Ross knew, he could have been bisexual, not gay. This was fine with Ross, still a virgin in more ways than one. He only wanted to gain some experience and wasn’t about to transform Bruno into the love of his life. Though Ross loved romance and fantasy, he had a serious pragmatic side. And he knew there was no use trying to change someone like Bruno, who was already set in his ways for life.

On the first night they met, they went back to Ross’s small studio apartment without knowing much about each other. It was one of those apartments that resembled a square box, with a bed in one corner, a small window in the middle, and a desk/office area in the opposite corner. The floors were typical refinished Manhattan parquet and the walls basic white. Opposite the bed, there was a closet, a small bathroom with a dingy white shower stall, and a kitchenette that had a built-in two-burner stovetop and no oven.

Ross had never been with a man before this; he didn’t know how to react or what to do. But it soon became evident Bruno had plenty of experience. The moment they were alone in Ross’s apartment, Bruno practically tore Ross’s clothes off and threw him down on the bed, where they kissed and hugged and groped each other like normal, heterosexual teenagers in the backseat of some hockey mom’s minivan. Ross made no attempt to change positions when big, strong Bruno pinned him to the bed and climbed on top of him.

Bruno was so desperate to get into Ross’s pants, he never bothered to remove his own clothes. He just unzipped his tight jeans and let his big, thick cock bounce out. He pressed and rubbed it into Ross’s flat, naked pelvis. Ross remained the submissive—flat on his back, stark naked, while Bruno kept him pinned to the white sheets and did things to him he’d always wanted big, strong men to do in the backseat of his mom’s minivan.

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