Saturday, September 1, 2012

Non-Fic Indie Author Joe Mihalic Releases New Book: Destroy Student Debt: A Combat Guide to Freedom

I had a completely different post planned for today about how CNN is failing in ratings big time. But that can wait. Those who follow my posts know that I like to stick to topics about publishing in a broad sense.

And I think this post covers that well...especially because I DON'T SEE other publishing blogs talking about the successful indie authors that are publishing their own books on Amazon. They almost seem apprehensive about it.

In this case it's blogger Joe Mihalic who started his blog, "No More Harvard Debt," to let people know how he paid down almost six figures in student loans. He also self-published a book with the same title through the KDP program. And now he's released a second book.

I've been in publishing for twenty years, since I graduated from college. And this is the kind of thing that excites me and I WANT to let other people who are interested in writing non-fiction know that you don't have to only focus on the query-agent-gatekeeper route anymore. You can still do that, but you also have choices now that you've never had before.

And I think Joe is a good example of how publishing has changed thanks to the digital first market and Internet opportunities. If I were an agent, I'd step aside from the query wars and I'd be talking to him right now wondering what university he'll be speaking at next.

You can check out "Destroy Student Debt: A Combat Guide to Freedom," here. The quality of the book is as good as the content. There are also ten reviews up on Amazon and they look good. Nine are five star, one is four star. I'll read it soon and leave a full review.

I'll be focusing more on self-publishing and indie authors in the coming months that I think are worth reading. I also think it's important to get some of the positive stories out there.


Joe Mihalic said...

Ryan, huge thanks for your support of my ebooks. I really appreciate the positive feedback and hop you enjoy the latest book.

Keep doing what you're doing!

ryan field said...

Thanks, Joe. I'm looking forward to reading it. I've always been more familiar with fiction, but I really like seeing non-fiction authors doing what you're doing now.