Friday, September 28, 2012

Matt Bomer; White Collar Renewed; Fifty Shades and New Film

According to eonline, USA is renewing Matt Bomer's show, White Collar, plus three other shows.

 The move was expected, as each of those series has proven to be a reliable ratings performer, with the trio ranking among the top 10 basic-cable summer dramas in adults 18-49 (aka the catnip-to-advertisers demo). Collectively, the shows recently helped USA notch a seventh straight win as summer's No. 1 basic-cable network in all key demos. 

It's one of the shows I plan to DVR. I'll have the series manager record it automatically, without fail. Aside from the fact that Bomer is openly gay and breaking gay stereotypes as well as forging a path for other openly gay actors, it's really a good show and he's an excellent actor, too.

In this article, it goes into more detail about the show, with some good photos.

Neal and Peter have seen their fair share of drama this season — and it’s only gotten worse since Sam (Treat Williams) entered the picture. However, as most White Collar fans have come to know, there’s always a level of tension between the two confidantes.

And in this piece it talks about how Matt Bomer could still be in the running for the film version of big book "Fifty Shades of Grey." As a fan of FSoG, and as someone who has recently contributed to a book titled, "Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey," I think Bomer has what it takes as far as acting skills go. And I think he might be able to soften Christian to a certain extent, and at the same time keep him with the cutting edge I liked so much in the book.

And, I hope the people producing this film realize how many women out there read gay erotic romance for the escapism. Speaking from personal experiences because many of these women are my readers, I hope the producers of FSoG don't underestimate the draw Matt Bomer would be to this film. And, as a side note, if two straight guys can star in "Brokeback Mountain," let's spin it around and let the gay guy prove his acting skills in FSoG. I was not disappointed in BM and the straight actors did a wondeful job, and I don't think I'd be disappointed if Bomer plays Christain Grey. I hate to put those labels out there, but they are there and it's just a reality. I admire Bomer's guts to go out and prove himself this way. He's paving the way for all gay guys, not just actors.

The piece also mentions a new role Matt just landed:

Deadline reports that Bomer has joined the cast of Winter's Tale along with Lucy Griffiths - who recently played Alexander Skarsgård's twisted vampire sister on True Blood - and Golden Age actress Eva Marie Saint. The romance, which will mark Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman's directorial debut, is based on Mark Helprin's fantasy novel that splits it story of star-crossed lovers between 19th century and present-day Manhattan.

If you read this article in full you'll see the interesting part Bomer is playing.

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