Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Do You Stay Relevant In a Constantly Changing Environment?

I'm linking to an article where staying relevant in business in a constantly changing world is the theme.

The way things are changing in publishing, I know exactly what this article is talking about. I don't think anyone in any profession can avoid these changes. I even know people with Antique shops who've had to learn how to sell online because that's where a lot of the buyers and designers are going now. Those who didn't bother to learn have become obsolete.

To prepare, Mr. Hallock, 29, spends an hour or two a day at his business, TopFloorStudio in Asheville, N.C., tracking venture capitalists and start-up news, trying to divine the next frontier. He created TopFloorUniversity, where experts teach his employees and clients the latest in app development. When he could not find a good curriculum for information architecture, he and a colleague developed one themselves. As a pretext to learn from the luminaries in his field, Mr. Hallock even produces his own podcast.
This is interesting because if you can at least predict basic changes and figure out where things are headed it gives you the upper hand. I remember making a conscious choice to switch to e-publishing when everyone else in publishing was laughing at it. No regrets. I'm already looking at what everyone's laughing at right now as the next possible trend. No spoilers, though.
You can read more of the article here.   

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