Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gay/Lesbian Fiction Book Reviews...

I've been wanting to post about this web site for a while and haven't had a chance. So I'm making time right now because it's a great site and I think it will help readers vet books and make choices.

I'm linking to the homepage, here. The first review right now is a book by author Andrew Grey. Although I haven't read this book, I did collaborate with Andrew last year on another book I won't shamelessly promote in this post. He's a great guy and wonderful to work with.

Here's a blog description:

This blog features book reviews from current and forthcoming books by leading gay and lesbian authors. To find out more about the books being reviewed, please go to the individual author's website. The link is given at the end of each review and on the sidebar. New book reviews will be posted to this blog as they become available.

As far as blogs in general go, this one is simple to navigate, it opens easily, and it's well executed.


Jon Michaelsen said...

Thanks for mentioning this review site, Ryan. I post many of my reviews on the site as I find the reviews honest and comprehensive. Definately a site to bookmark for the gay/lesbian book lover!

Jon M

ryan field said...

I like the way it's set up...easy to use.