Friday, August 31, 2012

Chase of a Lifetime Finally on

Chase of a Lifetime is finally up on Don't ask me why, but it took weeks to get this approved and up for sale on Kobo. I would ask Tony every evening at dinner, "What's going on with Kobo and Chase," and he would say, "It's under review." As a side note, this has nothing to do with the fact that its erotic romance. It's their policy for all books...from what I can tell so far anyway.

With each web site where e-books are sold, we've found it's a different process. Amazon and Allromanceebooks, so far, have been the easiest to deal with. The fact that I love allromanceebooks for my own personal reading, makes me happy about this.

I thought it was important to get COAL up on Kobo with the rest of my published books. In my case, the sales aren't as good as other places, but I like knowing that people can buy it on Kobo because I'm also a huge Kobo fan and I have three Kobo e-readers now. I also have Kobo apps on my iPhone and tablet. I enjoy it just as much as Kindle.

Here's the link to Chase of a Lifetime on Kobo. I'm working on getting Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street up there, too. Chase of a Dream is still locked into the contract with the Amazon lender program and will be for a while. I love the idea of book lending and I wish they would allow us to do this on Amazon and still release the book in other places. I think readers would appreciate this.

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