Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some Advice from Marie Lambda Author/Agent

I've mentioned before that I often become frustrated with several lit agent blogs because they don't seem to be discussing...or embracing...a lot of the changes happening in publishing. I rarely see anything mentioned at all about the many authors and small presses who have been working in digital publishing.

I see doom and gloom. I see sarcastic blog posts about books like Fifty Shades of Grey. Or I see absolutely nothing at all.

But I recently found one blog that's written by an author who is also an agent that does talk about all the changes happening right now. For the record I know nothing about her and I'm only going by what I've read on her blog. This post in particular was especially encouraging.

One of the reasons I am always interested in this kind of advice is because I don't know for certain which way my career will go. I know I'll always be writing something lgbt related, but I am not certain gay romance or mm romance will be as popular two or three years from now. I do think the romance genre in a mainstream sense will always thrive. But I'm not so sure about mm romance. And that's because I've seen too many trends come and go in the last twenty years. Of course there will always be a gay/lesbian genre. But the market is already saturated with mm romance, and anything that saturated usually winds down sooner or later. Just look at what happened to all the self-help books that trended in the 1980's if you don't believe me.

In any event, check out Marie Lambda's post. It's very positive and it offers insight about what is happening right now.

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