Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Moving Forward with Ravenous Romance...

Earlier this week I posted about Lori Perkins leaving Ravenous Romance. Although this was sad news to hear, for me this is something I've seen many times in publishing.

In the past twenty years I've seen editors switch jobs from one house to another, I've seen editors become literary agents, I've seen literary agents start their own agencies and then join other agencies. I've also seen the reverse, where agents leave literary agencies to start their own. Publishing can be a transient business and it's not uncommon to see a publishing professional make an announcement about a new position or venture after working three or four years in another position.

I remember losing one of my favorite editors a while back at Alyson Books and I was devastated for a while. I loved the way he edited, I loved the anthologies he created, and I loved working with him. Since then, our paths have crossed and we've collaborated on other projects in e-publishing.

I'm going into detail like this because I don't want people to think that Ravenous Romance itself is changing in any way. I've contacted Holly and it's business as usual. Although I don't have any titles out with them at the present time with my own name, I do have a book coming out with a pen name. I've had other books published with ravenous with pen names I would never reveal because that would contradict the entire concept of having a pen name. I do it because it's more about switching genres than hiding a deep dark secret.

So whenever you see that an editor or other publishing professional is making a life change, that doesn't mean anything other than that. They are making a life change they think is the best professional decision for them and it has nothing to do with the publisher. As I said, publishing is a small industry and we run into each other all the time when we least expect it. It's also part of the fun. I'm working with an editor at Cleis right now that I worked with at Alyson almost a decade ago. And I'm not in the least surprised at this point.

I wouldn't be surprised if I ran into Lori Perkins one day in the future and wound up working with her again. That's the way it goes.

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