Friday, June 1, 2012

Great Books Under $4.99 on

I post a lot about Amazon here, and that's partly because I have two full length novels on Amazon priced at .99. One is "An Officer and His Gentleman," published by Ravenous Romance and Alyson Publications in a collaboration...and the other is "Chase of a Lifetime," self-published recently by me, through Ryan Field Press.

But as a reader I have price points I set for myself. And anything under $4.99 usually attracts my attention.

I'm also a fan of Kobo, and buy many books from Kobo because I have two Kobo e-readers. I've also downloaded the Kobo app for my iPhone and I've read a few books on the phone as well. In other words: I love Kobo.

So when I received this newsletter from Kobo, for books priced under $4.99, I decided to share for those who might be so inclined. Some look really good, too. I don't think any of my books are priced that low on Kobo. But I'll be working on getting "Chase of a Lifetime" there very soon.

Here's a link to check out the sale.

(Edited to update: My Kobo books are $5.79)

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