Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are There Gay Christians?

I know a lot of people wonder if there are gay Christians. So this should be interesting. I read that Fred Karger, gay presidential candidate, will be on Bryan Fischer's conservative Christian radio show.

From Buzzfeed:

Karger reached out first to Fischer, who responded with a voicemail to Karger's assistant Kevin Miniter saying he would "love to have Mr. Karger on."

The interview is set to air on Thursday.

From Fred Karger's Timeline:

I'll be a guest on Bryan Fischer's radio show this Thursday (June 21) at 2:15pm CT.

I honestly don't even know if I get this show where I live. But I will check it out and try to listen.

What always surprises me is that the LGBT community is sometimes portrayed as being anti-Christian when I know for a fact that many in the LGBT community do consider themselves Christian. Though I'm not very religious, I have very good friends who go to a very liberal Episcopal church right here in New Hope where there is a huge LGBT congregation. I know others from my area who go to weekly services at a Unitarian Church near Princeton, NJ. Most of whom are all former Catholics.


AJ Llewellyn said...

Are these people for real? Of course there are gay Christians! There are gay people in all religions. I am Greek Orthodox but also a practicing Buddhist who happens to live next door to a gay Rabbi. I go to his GLBTQ synagogue almost every Friday night. It was the first of its kind in the US and preaches tolerance, acceptance and an open heart to all who represent the letters that make up GLBTQ. I wish the so-called fundamental right would stop demonizing anyone they think is not exactly like them.

ryan field said...

I'm glad you mentioned other religions. I know people like that, too.