Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seamen Swinging on Deck


Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask a question on your stance as a gay man. I know Obama spoke up for gay rights, but I wanted to find out if you believe he is sincere, or if he just wants your vote. I believe Obama is a complete liar and blames everyone for anything done during his presidency and if re-elected will bankrupt the United States. He has not met any of his original campaign promises and blames the debt on Bush. I am unsure what anyone else can do better, but I pray he is not re-elected.

ryan field said...

I do believe he was sincere when he said he personally supports same sex marriage. And, this is something that could hurt him more than help him.

But I'm not holding my breath waiting for more in the near future.

Frankly, I don't trust most politicians, which is why I have never followed one particular party.

If I were asked how I will vote this November I wouldn't be able to answer at this point. The few people in politics right now I do admire aren't running. Hillary Clinton is one of them. And there are a few moderate Republicans, too. I think what we need in this country are more bipartisans and less party followers.

Anonymous said...

I agree. My husband is worried that Omaba will dump the VP and have Hilary run as the VP so he can win. Am worried because I would vote for her, but only as the Pres nominee.

ryan field said...

I've heard that before. I doubt Hillary would agree to running as VP. It's beneath her. I think what we see and hear in public is far from what it's like in private. And, unfortunately the DNC underestimated a lot of Democrats in the 2008 primary.