Thursday, May 10, 2012

Levi Johnston's New Life...

I've posted a few times about Levi Johnston before, so I figured I may as well post this link. His book resonated with me and I've been curious about what will happen to him since the book was released. I think he really was a Deer in the Headlights, in spite of the way he's been portrayed by THOSE people.

It seems Levi and his new girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, are planning to have a child. Both sound serious about this, and both seem to be in love. It looks like the real thing to me, and I hope I'm not wrong. After what that guy went through so early in his life with those OTHER people, he deserves something good for a change. The new girlfriend seems genuinely nice. And she's extremely attractive.

The Alaska native also revealed his tattoos, one for each of his children. His latest tattoo, in honor of unborn daughter Breeze, is partially hot pink to signify the child's gender.

Of course young Miss Plain, the mother of his first child, just a simple Christian girl with a simple dream, had a comment for facebook about Levi's new life:

Tuesday night after a press release from the taped interview surfaced, Palin took to Facebook to show off a photo of Tripp, her son with Levi.

"So grown up!!!" she wrote.

Now that's a status update you don't see very often.

I would imagine Levi is counting his blessings right now as he moves forward with his new life.


Julie said...

I wish Levi had been honest in his book. I appreciate him coming clean about his punkish ways and perpetual dropout behavior but he completely exagerated his relationship with Bristol. It didn't start until 07. He was in "love" with Nesia (or she with him, as he was a cheater and liar then).

I also don't agree that he once was honest about his feelings for his almost inlaws, that they were his second parents for the brief time he was with Bristol, that Todd helped him out and Sarah was cordial to him. I don't appreciate how he tried to portray his parents as of good quality, esp when they were so indifferent to his wild side. Levi denigrated Sarah and Todd even when they were acting like responsible parents by trying to cool their daughters quickly escalating relationship. I agree he is the last person who should have fame as he is lazy and apt to chase grifted dollars instead of getting an adult job. Good thing Tripps mother has had gainful legit employment since he was a baby.

Of course I wish levi and his gf wouldn't sellout their future baby for fast cash but neither have well paying jobs so its really the only cure to their carelessness in conception.

ryan field said...

Didn't know any of this. Thanks for commenting.