Friday, May 4, 2012

Authors and Promotion: Seriously, Who Is This Guy?

Authors are told to promote themselves and their books all the time. It's harder than writing a book and no one really has any set plan on how to promote well. I was recently told to promote more, and in the same breath I was told I was overexposed. What that means I do not know, nor do I care. I smiled and then dismissed it completely. And so far, I haven't found anything concrete to share when it comes to promotion. You just do the best you can with the resources available to you, don't spend a lot of money and get taken in by marketing scammers, and try to have fun doing it.

Here's proof that nothing really works for sure when it comes to promotion.

When I saw this comment on social media,

"If I don't know who this guys is, how out of the loop am I, on a scale from 1 to 10?"

followed by this photo,

and then followed by a lot more comments wondering who he is, I had to smile.

Considering that no one on the planet works harder to get his face out there than Mr. Seacrest, it's sure proof that not ALL promotion and exposure works.


Nithu said...

I had no idea either, so went and looked him up. I don't think he's made it to this side of the pond so I feel less like a loser now ;) In terms of publicity, yours must be better than his - I know about you, but had never heard of Ryan Seacrest :D

ryan field said...

Thank you so much for leaving that comment. It really did help me make the point about how promotion is so hard to do. It's perfect!!

Sara York said...

Sometimes it feels like I'm just swinging a dead chicken, hoping to hit something worthwhile in the book promo slot. One thing I can tell you that is proof that book sales are crazy, I have a different author name for my straight thrillers. I no longer promote that name. No FB, no Twitter, no Blog, no pintrest, stumbling or anything else social and I sell more books in a month on that one book that has been out for 5+year than I do on any other single book. So no promo = big sales on a 5 year old book.

Allison Cassatta said...

OMG. That's Ryan Seacrest? He looks... different. Anyway, Ryan, glad to know I'm in the same boat. I was wondering how in the hell I could go about promoting more without annoying the crap out of people. It seems to be easier to balance the use/overuse of description than it is to balance the right amount of promotion.

What I don't get is the authors who refuse to give anyone else a hand. I'm more than willing to share my fans with other people, but I've found a lot out there who simply won't do it. We're all struggling here. What's the harm in lending a hand?

A.B.Gayle said...

His syndicated radio show is on while I'm at Bootcamp, so I get to hear him regularly. Never knew what he looked like, though.
Feel your pain when it comes to promotion, Ryan. The need for it almost puts me off writing.

Michele_lm said...

I only knew that face cuz he's like all over the place. But promo? UGH. It's the hardest part of what I do, IMO. I'd rather write AND run a few laps as to promo. I just recently began talking with someone about doing the promo for me. It's so time consuming and I have little of that most of the time.

ryan field said...

@Sara...I have the same thing with my pen name. Makes no sense.

@Allison...That's why I really try to promote indie authors I all genres.

@AB...It's always interesting. And I'm lucky because I enjoy social media.

@ Michele...He is all over the place. I think now more on the production end.