Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Favorite Author: AJ Llewellyn

Today I'm catching up on a few short posts I've been meaning to write since Christmas. I have two new releases coming out soon, plus a short novella with marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and I'm just finishing up edits for the 10th installment of the next stand alone book in The Virgin Billionaire series...THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE'S LITTLE ANGEL. In this VB installment, I can promise a few emotional surprises I haven't written about in the past. Lives change drastically for more than one character. No spoilers.

I've been meaning to write about this author for a while. While I've read a number of AJ Llewellyn's books I rarely ever write reviews for anything m/m or gay-lesbian oriented. If I love a m/m book, the review sounds me. If I don't love a m/m book I sound like one of those raving author/shrews who write negative blog posts and sit in front of a computer screen the size of an old fashioned TV dipping into the gin pail between rants about how bad and how dumb other m/m authors are. Dismal at best; I have a rule about keeping things positive here.

So I always keep a low profile with m/m reviews. But I don't mind talking about another author's work in a general sense. I love AJ Llewellyn's work. I've never been disappointed by AJ Llewellyn's books, or what AJ has the ability to contribute to the world as an author. As a reader, I'm always inspired.

So check out this link to Amazon for AJ's fiction, here.

And check out this link to AJ's web site for more information, here.

From what I see on social media, I'm not the only fan of AJ. A lot of readers agree with me, too.


Barb said...

I really enjoy his/her work also. Great sense of humor in the writing!

ryan field said...


AJ said...

Thank you so much Ryan and Barb. I really am so touched by this blog and your comments - more than I can say!

ryan field said...

Just sorry I didn't do it sooner. I've been meaning to for a while!!

Silver Pixies said...

Ryan I Love that you blogged about AJ!! I adore AJ.. He has never ever written a book that i didn't love. In my humble honest opinion AJ is one of the best story tellers out there today.


ok did my girlie fan crush thing

silver pixie

ryan field said...

AJ e-mailed me about something out of the blue a few years ago and I'll never forget how nice the e-mail was. When I started reading AJ's books, I loved them.

Silver Pixies said...


I think thats what many dont understand.. Aj is the most kind and compassionate person i have ever had the pleasure to email with. He truly adores his fans and loyal pack of followers. He puts himself out there to a point and again it might be my fan girl crush talking but i think he goes above and beyond for his fans.. Not many people are as grateful to their readers as He is.. NOT saying he is the only one out there.. I have to hand it to a lot of e pub writers they are wonderful to their fans base (something writers for the 3 major Pub houses could stand a lesson in) I have been blessed in many ways by just knowing AJ on line and i am sure i am bias but people like AJ are Rare and i cherish how special he is to me and others.. Ok i promise no more fan girl gushy posts...



ryan field said...

I agree. AJ was so nice to me in the beginning, and for no reason other than to tell me something, I was cautious because I've learned to be so careful. But I wasn't disappointed at all.