Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank You Amazon...

I just saw a blog post thanking a brick and mortar bookshop, which was clearly meant to promote the bookshop, on a publishing blog. It's a sneaky little thing I've seen alleged publishing professionals do, letting readers know in a subtle way they don't like or care for digital publishing. Trust me, you never see them promote Amazon, Kobo, or any other form of digital publishing.

So I decided to say my own small thank you to Amazon. They don't need my help with promotion, but I'm doing it anyway. Last I checked, a good deal of my own sales come from Amazon, so I'm more than qualified to thank them.

I posted earlier about a friend who is re-releasing his novel, which is LGBT fiction set in the year 1961. The title is "Camping in the Backyard Going Forward." The author is Anthony Zatti. And he's doing this on Amazon, as a trial promotion with free books.

He's doing this as a free Kindle download on Amazon for a limited time, and from what I'm hearing the free downloads have been flying off the cyber shelf. Like I said, it's free, so check it out. And, when the promo is over, the digital price is only $2.79.

No author would ever have been able to do this at a brick and mortar bookshop. And I find it amazing and spectacular to see that authors are now capable of doing this on Amazon. But more than that, it's also amazing that readers now have options to read for entertainment they never had in the past. And that we don't have to depend on the questionable taste of a handful of people what goes on our reading lists.


mary gresham said...

Ryan, you are so right, while print books and bookstores are great, it is the age of the digital format. While I will continue to buy all of Dean Koontz's books in hardback, everything else is on my Kindle or my Nook. It's not only cheaper in most cases, it easier because with me reading as much as I do, all I have is just that one, slim
ereader to carry around, not a whole library of books. And, with the books I read, I don't have to worry about offending someone with a cover. Don't really care about the adults, but I do care that a young person could see it and well, you get my meaning. Having an ereader, makes my reading more private and as I said, I don't really care about the adults, but, I like to respect others and feel thais is so much easier.

ryan field said...

I agree with you. I'm the same way. And I love the opportunities that have opened up for all writers.