Monday, December 19, 2011

New Release: In Bed with the Boss

For the past few weeks, I've been hinting about a new book I've been working on with another author. I didn't want to give out details until it was released because I'm superstitious that way.

But it's just been released today. It's a collection of two novellas that I collaborated on with m/m romance author, Andrew Grey. And, though I've been in tons of anthologies over the years, this is the first time I've ever actually collaborated with anyone this closely.

It was a wonderful experience. Andrew Grey was wonderful to work with, and we worked out the details like blurbs, cover design, and titles with such ease I'm still surprised it went by so fast (we started this back in October). I'll post more about what it's like collaborating and more about the novellas later this week. But here's the blurb, and a link where you can purchase. I'm sure it will be on amazon and all other web sites where e-books are sold either today or sometime this week.

In these emotional tales of love and attraction at the workplace, two best-selling authors explore complicated -and sometimes steamy!- relationships between employee and boss.
In THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANT, best-selling author Andrew Grey sets the backdrop for successful Christian, a nationally known erotic photographer, and his assistant, David , the efficient but demure type who is always there for his boss... Will these two star-crossed lovers ever find a way to come together?

In Ryan's Field's THE ARRANGEMENT, it's 1962 and Toby has just moved to New York to start a new job in advertising. He's hoping to find a social life, but Toby wasn't expecting his over-sexed boss to use Toby's apartment as a love nest so he can sneak around with young men behind his wife's back! Toby wasn't expecting to fall in love with one of his boss's young men either. With all the secrets Toby's cheating boss is keeping from everyone, will Toby be able to live with the lies and infidelities for long? Or will Toby find the strength to stand up to his awful boss and do the right thing for the young man he loves?

Don't miss these sizzling all-male novellas of passion and romance, or the chance to be swept away in a naughty workplace fling!


starburst said...

I have to read this!

Andrew Grey is my favourite author, and of course you're up there too.

You're both amazing writers I can't wait to read the result of two great minds! :D

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Barb said...

I'll watch for this one to show up on Kindle!

ryan field said...

Thanks...I'll post a link when I see it. I'm never sure when it's up there.