Sunday, December 11, 2011

How Mom and Pop Retail Shops React to Amazon Promo

I posted about the promo Amazon was doing here, earlier this week.

And I read something interesting in a fairly local newspaper about how Doylestown, PA, mom and pop retails shops are reacting to the Amazon promo. Here's the lnk. I find the reactions interesting, especially because I did ALL my holiday shopping online this year.

One shop owner said this:

Ellen Mager, owner of the children’s bookstore, Booktenders' Secret Garden, isn’t planning to let anyone send information to Amazon from her store.

“It’s disgraceful, and if anybody comes into my store and tries to do it, they’re getting bounced,” she said. She added that she would first ask people to stop and then request they leave if they do not comply.

Mager said it would be a slap in the face if a customer tried using Price Check to send information to Amazon. That’s "paying somebody to hurt somebody else,” she said.

As a preemptive strike, Mager said she also plans to put a sign on her front door saying, “Due to past incidents, this is a no cell phone zone.”

Personally, I wouldn't be brazen enough...nor do I have the hop from shop to shop in Doylestown to check prices this way and send info to Amazon. When I shop in small towns like Doylestown, I do it because I enjoy the experience, not because I'm trying to put them out of business. When I want something on Amazon, I simply click on over to, on my computer, tablet, or iPhone, and order what I want directly from the web site.

But if I were to go shopping in Doylestown, and a shop owner told me I wasn't allowed to bring my cell phone in, I'd be insulted and I'd leave. And I wouldn't go back again.

And if I were a shop owner and I found out amazon were selling something far cheaper than I was, I'd lower my prices damn fast. In other words, instead of hanging out a sign that reads "no cell phone zone," my sign would read, "we compete with all Internet prices. Come in and talk to us."

I'd also be looking into ways to build my business online, because the Interwebs are not going to disappear. More people like me are going to do all their shopping online. And that's a fact you can't blame on Amazon.

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