Monday, December 26, 2011

High Concept Foot Fetish; Four Feet Under...

I have a new short story coming out in the next month or so that's unusual...for the sense that it's focused on the concept of foot worship. I remember watching an old rerun of Sex in the City and there was a scene where a shoe salesman in an exclusive New York shoe store had an obvious foot fetish. That episode stuck with me for years, and I've always wanted to write a story about a character who has a foot fetish ever since. But I also wanted to do it with a casual voice, and without insulting those many, many people, gay or straight, who do have foot fetishes. I won't know whether or not I've succeeded until the story is released. But I did want to explain a few things about the story in case readers have any questions.

First, this is not what I would consider m/m romance. It's m/m erotica for sure; it's m/m erotic fiction, for sure. But the emotional aspects of a true romance are not there. On the other hand, there is a happy ending, I do get into the emotional feelings and responses of the main character, and he is a very sensitive young guy who is going to community college for two years in order to save money to go to a four year university. He's a decent guy; he's a normal guy; but he's into feet. And he meets two other guys one night in the school gym who feel the same way he feels.

Second, this is a high concept story, which I don't usually do. The tag line reads: "Love, lust, and four big feet in a locker room." Here's the wiki definition of high concept:

High concept narratives are typically characterised by an over-arching "what if?" scenario that acts as a catalyst for the following events. Often, the most popular summer blockbuster movies are built on a high concept idea, such as "what if we could clone dinosaurs?" (Jurassic Park), and so on. However, it is important to differentiate a high concept narrative from an analogous narrative. In the case of the latter, a high concept story may be employed to allow commentary on an implicit subtext. The prime example of this would be George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, which asks "what if we lived in a future of totalitarian government?" while simultaneously generating social comment and satire aimed at Orwell's own (real world) contemporary society. Similarly, the Gene Roddenberry SF series Star Trek went beyond the high concept storytelling of a futurist starship crew, by addressing 20th-century social issues in an abstract and defamiliarising context.

High concept gets a little complicated, but a good example would be the movie, "Snakes on a Plane." In this case now, with my story, it's Four Feet Under with My Buddies. There's no mistake here: my story is about feet. And the "what if?" is all about a young guy who finds himself in a situation that is exaggerated in more ways than one involving feet.


Anonymous said...

You know, I never understood the whole "foot fetish" thing. And it's a damned shame, cause I have feet that a fetishist dreams about. I can actually hold a pen and write with them. (Ok, not very well, but legible, I mean, who would practice that?) My husband calls them "little monkey hands". But he hates feet, so they go unappreciated...*sigh*
(btw, this is Linda again)

ryan field said...

I think it's an interesting form of expression...and I never got into it either, so this is pure fiction, which is based upon a lot of conversations I've had with an anonymous contributor that does have a foot fetish. And this is the most interesting part of it all: this person is anon. Those who do have foot fetishes will never come out and admit it openly. At least not in public. But if you ever go through those single ads on the dating sites, there are plenty who do admit to it in private. Like I said, interesting.