Friday, December 9, 2011

Amazon News

I think this is interesting. Amazon bought a list of high quality children's books and it's making news everywhere on the Interwebs.

Amazon also decided to run a new promotion for the holidays, where they want readers to go to bookshops, choose books they might be inclinced to purchase, and scan the bar code with an Amazon app in order to receive five bucks off an amazon purchase. The title of this post reads: "Amazon Will Pay Shoppers $5 to Walk Out of Stores Empty-Handed."

I'm not sure exactly how this promo works. But you can read all about it here. And you can check out the actual Amazon promotion here.

So far, in all the publishing blog posts I've read about this promotion, I'm only one of a select few who is actually linking to Amazon and letting readers know about the promotion. The rest have all been tongue in cheek posts, with sardonic remarks that sound a lot like sour grapes from people who haven't been paying attention to what readers want.

Like them or not, aside from all the issues, Amazon has been, and remains to be, on top of their market and they seem to know what they are doing. And when people in publishing were laughing at the possibility of a digital market not longer than five years ago, Amazon was gearing up with technology and ready to go.

And you can't fault someone for being right. You also can't fault them for having a little fun when they are right.

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