Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There's a nice web site where romances are sold called, 1placeforromance.com. I think it's simple to use, safe to use, and they give out excellent product descriptions.

The thing I really like about 1placeforromance with respect to my books is that you can only find my loveyoudivine.com releases there. It's concise; I like that.

And most of my lyd releases are short stories or novellas, not full length novels. I have one being released this month and I just submitted another to the editor.

My lyd works of fiction are also stories and novellas over which I've had total and complete control. In other words, I've chosen the titles, I've written the back cover copy and tag lines, and I've even been given a great deal of freedom with covers. With most publishers the publishing process is a collaboration. The author rarely has the final say with anything. At lyd, and my books being sold over at 1placeforromance.com, I made all the decisions myself. Which can be tricky sometimes, because you now know who to blame if you don't like something.

You can get there from here to view my work. There are also a lot of other works by other authors to check out and the site is simple to navigate.

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Barb said...

Thanks for the link. I admit that I buy all my books for Kindle right now. But I am curious about a couple of things. Do you work with one publisher or more than one? Does the publisher get things set up to sell by amazon, nook, etc, or do you do that? Do you or the publisher set the price, or does the seller? Are your books e-format only or are they in paper format also? I suppose that's something the publisher decides?

Sorry...lol. I guess that's more than just a couple of questions! But you seem to respond to comments more than others do. I hope I'm not taking advantage! :-P