Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seth Godin Ends His Amazon Project

Those who follow this blog know that I'm fascinated with all the changes happening in publishing these days. I try to post about them objectively, and inform readers with bits and pieces I come across in the course of a day. Self-publishing/Indie publishing is one of those topics.

I read in GalleyCat that Seth Godin has decided to stop his amazon project:

"Bestselling author Seth Godin has decided to end the Domino Project, his experimental imprint with Amazon. The books will still be sold on Amazon, but Sarah Kay‘s Why Publish Poetry? will be the last book published by the imprint."

I haven't read anything from this imprint, so I can't comment in that respect. You can read more about why he stopped the project here, in a blog post he wrote on the topic. If you are an author, you should read the entire post and take notes.

I do try to keep my posts like this objective. I really do. I like Seth Godin and I've enjoyed his blog posts. I also agree with a lot of what he has to say. And I can't speculate about why anyone would be motivated to do one thing or another. I wish he hadn't stopped the project. I know how difficult, first hand, it can be to get something like this moving forward. I also know how hard it can be to market and promote e-books. But I don't think Seth will disappear. At least I hope not!!

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