Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Nice Little Review For One of My Books

I don't post all reviews for my books on this blog. I post some, but never all. And this is because I think it's important to know where to draw the line between promotion and "asshatery" (I wish I could say "asshatery" was my own creation; I swiped it shamelessly from Janet Reid's publishing blog.)

I try to keep this blog more like my own personal journal, and while I do post some reviews I receive, I don't post all. To post all would make me an absolute asshat, and I'd be guilty of "asshatery" in the first degree. And I'd rather not bore people to death with reviews. From the feedback I receive, readers are more interested in blog posts where they can either be entertained or enlightened about something. Or they want product information about books they can't get in other places.

But I did get a nice review today for one of my older books. It was so adorable I wish I could link to it. But I'm not mentioning the review because that would be promotional "asshatery" and I'd rather post about a more current book later this week. The interesting thing is this is the first time a review actually made me smile since 2009. The reviewer kept comparing the book to different movies throughout the review, as if wondering out loud whether or not I'd based the book on these movies. At one point, I really think he wanted the book to be loosely based on a movie, and in a big way, too. He seemed to be working awfully hard at it. But he couldn't seem to nail it exactly. He made more than a few suggestions, but he was wrong every single time. He did mention he stopped thinking it was about a movie at one point. This time he was right.

But when something like this happens it makes me smile. Whether or not the book was based on a movie doesn't really matter. In this case, the book in question wasn't based on any of the movies the reviewer suggested. And I thought it was a nice review. It's just as nice to see that people are guessing about something I wrote. This is a huge compliment. I don't always plan these things, but I like it when it happens.

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