Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cover Preview for Upcoming Release: Four Gay Weddings

Here's the cover preview for my upcoming release with ravenous romance, FOUR GAY WEDDINGS. I'll post more about it, as usual, and give unpublished excerpts.

Here's the back cover copy. I'm actually thinking of doing a contest with this book and I still have to work out the details. I'll post about this more, too.

When the state of New York legalizes same sex marriage, Neil Sparks and his close circle of friends wind up with more invitations to queer weddings than they’d bargained for. And it’s during one of these weddings where Neil meets the perfect man, Andre Lefevre.

Andre is French, with a romantic accent and a killer body. He always says and does the right things and he fills Neil with emotion in ways he’s never known. But Neil isn’t ready for marriage. And though Neil is honest with Andre, Andre doesn’t take him seriously.

As a teacher for the hearing impaired, Neil’s life is full and rich. He loves his friends and he’s never without a good looking date. But something is missing. And when he runs into Andre at another wedding and realizes how happy he is to see him again, he only winds up devastated to learn that Andre is engaged to be married to an older, wealthier man.

This is when Neil winds up getting accidentally involved with his twenty year old neighbor, Tom Middleton, a guy who is just as interested in politics as he is in shooting hoops with his horny college buddies. Neil settles into a nice, quiet relationship for the first time in his life, sometimes wondering about what might have been with Andre.

After two life-altering events, Neil winds up doing something he never would have imagined a year earlier. And it’s not until the very end when he realizes the true meaning of the phrase happily-ever-after.

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