Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So They Added a "Q" to the End of LGBT?

At least that's what I just read in three different places today.

The "Q" means "queer/questioning," which I'm not so sure I like. For me, the word "queer," like the word "fag," is a lot like the "N" word is to people of African Descent.

And no one told me about this new "Q", and I'm the "G" in LGBTQ.

From what I gather after I tweeted and did a status update on FB, no one told a lot of LGBT people.

We should know these things first. So if there are anymore letters added to LGBTQ, we want to know about it first.

Frankly, I'm not certain I'm going to use the "Q." I can live with "questioning," but I'm not sold on the "queer" part yet.


mary gresham said...

Who is the person or persons that decided to do this? I agree with you Ryan about the words, it's just not right. As for the N word, well, lets just say, I've been known to show my ass when someone starts using words like that, i hate them.

ryan field said...

I "get" why they are doing it. I also heard there's more..."I" for "intersexed." I have to find out more about it.